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Movie trailers have evolved in many ways in the years since their inception in 1998. The first trailers were linked to “The Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”.

Movie Trailers web site is an informational World Wide Web location which is devoted to the history and evolution of the media genre. Trailers have gone through an extensive evolution since their beginning in 1998. Originally the genre was created for “The Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”. The only way to watch the trailer was by the purchase of an admission ticket to “Meet Joe Black”, “The Siege”, or “The Waterboy”. Many purchased tickets to the movies in order to watch the trailer.

Rather than to remain and watch the admission movies, they watched the trailers and then left the theater. Those fans watched the trailer with enthusiasm, recorded it and then went home and shared it on fan sites. The surge in traffic and bandwidth caused many sites to crash. The following day, the high-quality trailer was released by LucasFilm. The traffic was so responsive that the bandwidth capacity had to be increased. Four months later, the second trailer was released in partnership with Apple's Quicktime software. Over three weeks, the trailer was downloaded 6.4 million times.

Since the early releases, trailers have become a separate production, which is almost as important as the film itself. The planning for trailers can begin as much as two years before the movie is released. Trailers are intended to create interest in an upcoming release, without giving away the plot and thus ruining ticket sales.

The internet and YouTube allow for tracking and measuring trailer views, as well as replays and pauses. Producers work to make trailers ever more entire. presents a selection of the best and latest trailers to view and enjoy. The trailers can be watched over and over, played at reduced speed, paused and replayed scenes as desires. As viewing habits are noted and tracked, trailers can become even more intriguing.

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