Movie Magic and Medical Science Combine to Create SynviZion Hyper-Realistic Medical Training Cadavers

Live on Kickstarter, SynviZion creates innovative training modules designed to replace cadaver use.

SynviZion, the all-new startup utilizing magic of Hollywood special effects to create training modules designed to replace cadaver use, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Traditional surgical training methods often use cadaver arms and legs to include plastic training models and tubes.  Unfortunately, this method truly does not prepare an individual proficiently. Medical Device engineers have been designing these sub-par training systems for decades, and cadaver use has presented companies with substantial cost for single use cadaver, dehydrated, and inconsistent cadaver parts. SynviZion has taken a groundbreaking collaborative approach bringing together the medical and film industries to create training models that mimics real human anatomy from skin to vessel, not models made from salt, water, silicon and plastic.  

“I started a private national endoscopic training course, and while researching life like models I could use I was disturbed what was available. I already knew what the industry used for clinical training, and what the medical device industry had to offer did not fit what I had visioned. Plus the cost the medical device industry  was charging to go along with cadaver cost,” says co-founder Tim Pinkerton on the inspiration behind the project.

Synvizion is on the cusp of completing the first ever hyper realistic synthetic human arm trainer for Endoscopic Radial artery Harvesting (ERAH). The current model the company is focused on is the Z-Rad.  The Z-Rad consists of a hyper realistic synthetic arm with replaceable inserts which are the working elements of the system. The hyper-realistic models provide the closest thing to real-life experience before the trainees make the transition to live patients.

“I have spent 20 years figuring out how to make things look realistic for film, and I now bring a team of both creative artists and knowledgeable special effects technicians to interact with Tim’s medical team to join our knowledge of both industries in creating what will be the best product on the market,” adds co-founder Joshua Brokaw, whose work in the film industry has landed him projects worldwide. “I personally don’t understand how these two industries have not interacted until now, seems like a no brainer, but I am definitely excited to be part of the first team to take this approach.”

SynviZion is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About SynviZion

Synvizion is a collaboration of two individuals, one from the medical industry, the other from the special effects movie industry, to create hyper-realistic medical training simulations that mimics a real human body. For more information on SynviZion please visit


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