Mountview Tree Experts Announces They Are Open for Business

Call an arborist for tree pruning to ensure the health, safety and aesthetics of the tree, reports

The United States Department of Agriculture recommends trees be regularly pruned for tree health, safety and aesthetic reasons. Branches at risk of falling and causing injury to a person or structure are removed during the process, as are those which interfere with a human's line of sight on a street or driveway. Insect-infested and diseased wood is removed during the process, and these are only a few of the many reasons pruning is essential. This is one task best left to professionals, however.

"To properly prune a tree, an individual must have knowledge of tree biology and growth habits, as this ensures harm isn't being done to the tree during the process. In addition, he or she needs to have an eye for form and shape, thus arboriculture is both art and science. Don't try to take this task on without professional assistance, as doing so could not only injure the tree, but it could have a negative impact on the curb appeal of the property and its overall value," Jason Writz, founder of Mountview Tree Experts, explains.

Tree specialists use various approaches when pruning a tree. Promoting a strong structure needs to be the focal point when a young tree is pruned. As the tree grows, however, the focus needs to shift to maintaining the health and structure of the tree, while improving its appearance. In addition, various types of pruning may be needed to achieve these goals.

"Crown thinning, for example, removes selective branches to allow for greater penetration of light and increased air movement at the top of the tree. Removing too much of the crown in one pruning session can lead to damage to the tree, thus this task must be taken on over a period of time. I work to ensure the right amount is removed and no more," Writz states.

When certain branches appear to be hanging lower than normal or when a branch no longer has any leaves on it, yet all other branches do, it's time to call in the professionals. Cracked or raised soil around the roots of a tree is another indicator the tree needs to be examined by a professional, and these are only a few of many signs an arborist should be called for a thorough inspection. He or she is trained to detect problems at an early stage.

"Contact our company, as I am a TCIA Tree Care Specialist and Tree Climber Specialist. Doing so ensures you get an experienced professional, one who has a bachelor's degree in Urban Forestry from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. I''ll care for your trees as if they are my own and protect the value of the property and the health of your trees in the process," Writz promises.

About Mountview Tree Experts:

A locally owned business, Mountview Tree Experts prunes, trims and removes trees and shrubs in Fort Collins, Loveland and Windsor, Colorado and the surrounding communities.

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