Motivational Speaker Mark V. Howley Shares Tips To Find The Silver Lining In Every Job – Even If The Fit And Pay Aren’t Perfect Yet

Early career professionals often struggle to find the silver linings from the entry level jobs they take to pay their bills. Motivational Speaker Mark V. Howley says that there are lasting gifts to be found in every position – as long as passion, people, and perseverance are part of the success equation from the start.

Pacific Bag Inc. CEO and Motivational Speaker Mark Howley worries that early career professionals job hop too frequently and create career and life dissatisfaction. He encourages them to find the silver lining in every job, even if the fit or the pay aren’t perfect yet. He says that passion, people, and perseverance are powerful ideas to keep in mind during the struggle of an imperfect job position. There are gifts to be found in an imperfect situation.

Passion is not easy to find in entry level positions, such as inside sales telemarketing, administrative work or operations. Howley suggests leaning into the work and dedicating time to learn the job and the industry. As a result, business projects grow more complex, colleagues notice the effort and work becomes personally rewarding. Over time, any employee can leverage passion to attract new opportunities that need reliable, knowledgeable, and determined employees.

People: It is impossible to achieve success and contentment without help from other people. Through the lens of small business management, Howley suggests finding a path to trust ethical people who work hard and remain loyal to them. Disappointment and set-backs are inevitable, but the best workers want to help colleagues with a common work ethic. To enjoy loyalty, extend loyalty.

Perseverance: The constant struggle between personal and professional goals can create enormous emotional conflict. Balancing relationships with partners, kids, and community can be overwhelming. Everyone needs help calibrating life, and Howley encourages early career professionals to ask for help. The ability to persevere requires a willingness to acknowledge imbalance and then to seek out a fresh perspective.

Mark Howley is the CEO and majority owner of Pacific Bag, Inc. in Woodinville, WA. Pacific Bag manufactures their patented one-way degassing valve (i.e. the little belly button in coffee bags) and supplies premade bags for specialty coffee roasters, and pet food companies throughout the world. The business, primarily a B2B concern, services over 5000 customers in over 60 countries. PBi celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015.

Howley's education and career started in suburban Philadelphia. His early twenties were personally rocky and mid-way through the 1980’s he found himself in a terrible situation. His mother had died of cancer and he subsequently realized alcohol and drugs were going to ruin him. He cleaned up (and remains clean and sober today), then started anew at the bottom rung in the sales world — telemarketing. His experience covers the full gamut of sales, marketing, product management, and executive management in his industry.

He has spoken at events throughout the world and has written articles for industry magazines since the 1990’s.

In addition to his professional experience and success, he has been married for over 25 years and is the father of five daughters.

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