Motivational Coach John P. Ogwu Announces Relaunch of Best-Selling Guide to Personal Satisfaction

Inspirational Leader Shares Advice to Lead A More Fulfilling and Cohesive Life

Today, motivational speaker and author John P. Ogwu announced the relaunch of the successful self-help guide, Flip Your Coin. Ogwu is known for his insight and intuitive, natural connection with so many people. He has triumphantly encouraged and coached clients who have discovered the best in themselves by following the philosophy explained in his book. Proven wisdom in Flip Your Coin empowers the reader with a message of inspiration, empathy and action.

“I began my journey in faith,” said Ogwu. “My years in the seminary, along with studies in philosophy and then counseling those in need of help illuminated my soul to expand a call-to-action message to guide and join hands with those on the journey to self-discovery. Our world presents us with incredible questions and some of us become stuck, not knowing whether to turn right or left. Some people are paralyzed with fear when it comes to taking the steps to make their lives better. We don’t always know what is on the other side of the choice, but I will motivate and guide you through the step-by-step process, helping you accept that taking chances and moving forward can be the best solution when done mindfully and with experienced guidance.”

As Ogwu shares in the book, the key takeaway is that change and taking chances is an ongoing process. “You are not alone,” he said. “I will be your partner, inspiring and leading you to a place where trusting the universe makes sense. It is safe to take steps toward the dream of knowing yourself. When you see the incredible growth, you will understand and own your happiness.”

Coaching is about enabling people to realize their greatest potential in life and career. Ogwu encourages potential clients not to fall into a pattern of thinking that views a need for coaching as a sign of weakness. “Coaching is about waking up the giant within,” he commented. “Everyone can do better, even if they are doing ‘well,’ by regular standards. Maybe it’s time to change your standards.” Indeed, as Ogwu pointed out, even the legendary Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, once said, “Everyone needs a coach.” In particular, during the COVID pandemic, when so many people’s routines and expectations are being shattered, a coaching relationship can be critical to making positive progress.

Ogwu is an original and creative thinker. His book is easy to understand. He has succeeded in creating methods to actualize a better life based on what is currently happening in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with his life experiences. The theme of Flip Your Coin addresses the real issues around how to begin making life choices with a proven and comfortable strategy. Ogwu clearly and gently guides the reader through the process of recognizing the need for change and action through personal growth, responsibility and transformation. In the spirit and tradition of life coaches who originally created the self-help book category, John Ogwu stands on the shoulders of people like Tony Robbins and brings his empathy and energy to readers who are ready to accept the steps of growth.

The author offers complementary registration on his website, for an informative free seminar called, “Simple Strategies to Achieve Your Life-Long Purposes” based Flip Your Coin. He also encourages his readers to join the FlipMrFlip club today, and be part of those who are now leading a transformative and successful life.

Ogwu is associate with Shellbrand, Social Network, KINGSIZE and Rocketeers.

Flip Your Coin is available on Ogwy’s Instagram is flipmrflip


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