Motion Hero Announces Signing of Writer and B.J. Penn Life Story Rights has signed new client Matt George to all literary representation; books, teleplays and screenplays

Motion Hero is proud to announce that Langtons International Agency has signed a new client for their literacy representation services, Matt George. With this signing, the media agency will provide representation for all screenplays, teleplays, and books.

“We are excited about this new representation, and to be representing George in his future endeavors, including his new book that is due out soon, “Soul Alley,” which is currently a screenplay,” stated company representative Thomas Harmon. “With the release of “Soul Alley,” Matt has been able to secure the rights to B.J. Penn’s life story, who was the first African American to become the Secretary of the Navy.”

The forthcoming book, “Soul Alley,” is set during the most active period, during a time when the Navy was working diligently to stop the expansion of the Khmer Rouge and all the atrocities that resulted from it. The book focuses on the colloquialism that was given to a de facto slum for all the children of African American enlisted personnel and Filipino women. While they were shunned by the Filipino society, the men took both the children and mothers back to America for a new life.

“The life story of B.J. Penn is a spectacular one, not only because of him being a decorated fighter pilot during the time of the Vietnam War but also the racism that he and a large number of other blacks experienced,” continued Harmon. “The book is one that is special due to the fact that B.J. is George’s Godfather and that George himself served in the Navy. It touches on issues that were important during this period of time, and that are still important today.”

More information about the new representation of Matt George by Langtons International Agency, as well as more stories and offerings from George and other clients of the company can be found by visiting the Motion Hero website.


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