Moreira Team Warns That What A Mortgage Payment Calculator Doesn’t Say Can Hurt You

Moreira Team has just published a report to help prevent people being stung by mortgage calculators, and has even provided a comprehensive calculator of their own.

Mortgage lenders and companies are quick to try and hook clients by using clever marketing often accompanied by a mortgage calculator, which offers deals too good to be true. That’s because they are. These sales pitches and calculators use only basic information from calculators or pre-qualification forms to make bold claims that are quickly undercut as reality strikes. That’s why Moreira Team is recommending individuals speak to one of their licensed loan advisors before committing to any mortgage.

Their new briefing, “Mortgage Calculator – How Much House Can I Afford?” explains what variables these calculators take into account, and then begin to list the incredible number of variables that aren’t taken down which can also affect interest rate, monthly repayments and the total amount repaid. They have created their own mortgage calculator which uses more honest and direct variables to allow individuals to get an independent insight into ballpark figures without trying to sell them any one particular mortgage.

The considerations it outlines include debt to income ratio, credit score, down payment size and work history, as well as taxes and insurance. The company explains how these variables can affect mortgage rates and how having them authenticated by an independent loan advisor can help lower the rates and secure a better deal.

A spokesperson for Moreira Team explained, “The mortgages people are being sold based on a mortgage calculator aren’t real yet, and the real terms are buried in the small print. That’s the reason people need to speak to one of our qualified mortgage advisors. It’s like when a car company tells you the monthly payment on a new $80,000 Mercedes is ‘from $300’. There might be one person in a million who would get that rate, but for the rest the reality is different. We make sure everyone understands the reality for them, and gets the best deal accordingly.”

About Moreira Team: Moreira Team is a boutique mortgage lender built from the ground up to cater towards individual financial needs, finding the best loan for every client’s situation, not what is most convenient for them. Moreira Team Mortgage was established in 2005 and is an A+ BBB accredited business, valuing transparency, fast approval and bespoke financial packages.

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