Moon Vikings embark on its journey crypto industry with strong meme culture

Moon Vikings is an emerging friendly crypto platform that provides strong meme culture for crypto enthusiasts. They are trying to change the narratives of the marketing and financial world.

With the rapid surge in technology and digitalization, numerous cryptocurrencies are emerging in the crypto world. Thus the crypto industry has been backed by the world's richest person, Elon Musk.

Inspired by the world's billionaire, experts of the crypto field have created the Moon Vikings. The exclusive Moon Viking Token was founded in November 2021. $VIKI is a brand new token powered by the Binance Smart Chain and inspired by Musk's tweets.

$VIKI is the people's meme cryptocurrency, and this fact is reinforced by the three pillars that indicate the $VIKI. The three pillars are as follows: First is Memes: The crew is working on a strong $VIKI meme culture with their growing community. They believe everyone likes memes; young and old, poor and rich, hairy and glabrous, small and tall. Therefore, $VIKI plays the role of people's cryptocurrency and has a meme at its heart.

Second is Events: By events, $VIKI can become a strong meme culture. Their utility roadmap organizes various community meme events like AirDrops, Burns, Contests, and others, at which $VIKI tokens will be used. The third is the Utility; the $VIKI token will play a core role in several utility projects being developed after a successful token launch. Their main focus is NFT acts as an evolution of memes and so the future of memes.

The tokenomics of Moon Vikings goes as the token's symbol is $VIKI with the supply of 38,440,100,000 cm inspired by the distance from the earth to the moon. In addition to the 21% supply burn and the automatic burning with every transaction, Moon Viking aims to burn more tokes in several community events to keep the deflation stronger and increase the token valuation.

The more holders the $VIKI community reaches, the more tokens are burned.
In each trade, the transaction will be charged a 10% fee, distributed in 2% Reflections, 2% Liquidity, 4% Marketing, and 2 % Operations.

About Moon Vikings: It is a friendly team working on multiple utilities and marketing angles to cement itself as the next major meme coin of the crypto universe. With a large marketing wallet that grows with every transaction and financial support from multiple whales originating from many different dog coins, nothing in the universe will stop this doggie crypto invader from conquering the crypto meme universe!

Interested investors can visit their official website and be a part of their friendly community.

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