Montreal Cell Phone Repair Service Repairs 5000th Device

Rumoured slow downs in the cell phone repair industry are proving false as Rapifix repairs their 5000th phone.

Smartphone owners are rejoicing as smartphone repair shops grow worried of technology that’s making device more durable then ever before. Rumoured slow down in this industry have been circulating. However, Rapifix is an example of a shop that is growing fast with no slow down is sight! Rapifix is located in Montreal and they deal in fixing damaged and broken screens on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. They offer competitive prices, speedy services and trustworthy warranties. The company’s website at contains additional information.

This top notch cell phone repair company has officially repaired five thousand cell phones with no plans of slowing down. This milestone was reached on September 18th, 2016. Rapifix is a daytime drop-off repair shop that sees dozens of walk-ins daily.

Five thousand repaired cell phones is a great milestone when it comes to the cell phone repair industry. It is also proof of the fact that the cellphone market is still facing the issue of fragile screens shattering. In recent years cellphone repair services have been experiencing a hike in the number of customers that are largely associated with screen trouble. The cellphone industry is increasingly doling out products that have very fragile screens. Screen protectors are getting better and all brands are working to build stronger phones. As screen size has grown, so has the number of repair requests coming into Rapifix.

With no end of broken screens in sight, Rapifix continues to repair cell phone screens in Montréal. The professional and experienced repair technicians working at Rapifix are dedicated to serving their customers efficiently. They have earned a large customer base by providing quality work at competitive prices. There are several reviews available online about the excellent service and infallible warranty of their work.

Their super-efficient and quick services make Rapifix the best daytime drop off repair service for any kind of broken screen. The professionals at Rapifix are trained to take care of their customer’s needs and listen to their problems. The work is done at optimum speed and with great care and efficiency. Rapifix understands that a cellphone is one of the most personal and valuable device that anyone can have and saving it from damage is Rapifix’s main policy!

“Having repaired over 5000 cellphone screens, there isn’t a repair issue or story that will shock us. We’ve seen it all. We have fixed everything from huge cracks to water damage from phones dropping in a pool! We make sure every repair is always returned in optimum condition and looks as good as it were brand new”- Kyle Khoury (Rapifix Owner).

Contact Info:
Name: Kyle Khoury
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Organization: Rapifix
Address: 4276 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2W 1Z3
Phone: (514) 903-4931

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