Money Morning Reports the Price Drop in Facebook Stock Isn't of Concern

The entire market remains volatile, yet Facebook stock is expected to rise in value again this year, announces

Money Morning ( announces the Facebook stock price dropped more than four percent this week, yet investors shouldn't be overly concerned. As they state, the entire dow jones market and NASDAQ continue to be very volatile and Facebook stock hasn't been spared. In fact, Facebook didn't see the same decline many in the tech industry did. Apple stock ended the week down over six percent, Alphabet Inc. (the parent company of Google) was down more than five percent and Netflix ended the week down more than eight percent.

"Many factors contributed to the decline in most stocks this week. Saudi Arabia and Iran tensions continue to increase, oil prices are dropping and the Chinese economy is not in good shape. As a result, investors are being very cautious, but there is no need for real alarm. In fact, fb stock earnings still look good for 2016, and this stock remains one of our defense and tech specialist's favorite picks," Carrington, spokesperson for Money Morning, reports.

Facebook continues to stand out when it comes to tech stocks, and there are numerous explanations for this. Wall Street has yet to successfully predict Facebook revenue expectations, undervaluing this stock 12 out of the previous 13 quarters. The company continues to report revenue growth year-over-year, having done so since 2012, and the stock price has increased 166 percent over its initial public offering price of $38. These are only a few of the many reasons the Facebook stock remains hot.

"One major reason this stock is so popular is the company only continues to grow. Not only does it have more monthly users than there are people in China, it continues to expand, acquiring two new companies this year. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has yet to sit back and relax. He continues to find new ways to reward those who believe in his vision and invest in his company," Carrington continues.

Those who don't invest in Facebook often question decisions made by Zuckerberg, yet he has proven them wrong time and time again. When he purchased Instagram, many thought it was a mistake, but this company is expected to make $600 million this year through revenue generated by ads. Oculus VR, a virtual reality company, is a recent acquisition and is believed to really take off soon.

"Visit Money Morning to learn about this and other hot stocks to watch in 2016. Individuals who put their money into this company are sure to see a good return on their investment, and this isn't the only stock to follow. Now is the time to move into the market, as prices have been dropping. Those who delay will likely find they regret having done so when they see how these stocks take off," Carrington states.

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