Molten Cloud Launches AI Rights Management With the CW Network

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Molten Cloud has introduced a new AI-enabled rights ingestion tool designed to transform the way media companies manage their contracts and rights. This system converts legal documents into a searchable rights database within minutes, addressing long-standing data challenges in the streaming and distribution sectors.

This new technology aims to close the gap between a company’s source of truth, their contracts, and the massive libraries of spreadsheets used to track rights. For many companies, tracking down rights is a tedious process that might involve manually referencing deal memos and contracts. While cloud based rights management systems have solved the challenges of searching for rights, data entry has remained a necessary, but time consuming task. 

That’s where AI comes in. Developed in partnership with The CW Network, Molten Cloud’s AI technology reads and extracts critical data from contracts in various document formats, including Word, PDF, TXT, and scanned images. It parses and structures detailed rights, metadata, and financial data, digitizing paper contracts in just minutes. After human review, the data flows seamlessly into the rights management application, where it can be easily referenced, filtered, and shared. 

According to Jack Paschal, VP of Business Affairs at The CW, “Their attention to streamlining media operations in the cloud and using AI to simplify data ingestion is exciting and is already saving us time and resources during onboarding.” 

This advancement comes at a critical moment in the media industry. As noted by Dade Hayes, Business Editor at Deadline, in his coverage of the recently released technology, “As all networks look to eliminate waste and optimize their full portfolios, the urgency around rights management has increased.”

Molten Cloud's AI-powered rights management system represents a significant innovation, promising to enhance legal oversight and compliance while speeding up deal opportunities and eliminating tedious work. According to Molten Cloud, this is just the beginning of a new era of efficiency for media operations, made possible by advancements in innovative new technologies like AI. 

For more information, visit Molten Cloud’s website.

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