Mohawk Medical Mall Introduces Midmark Autoclaves To Enhance Sterilization Efficiency In Medical Facilities

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With the availability of quality medical autoclaves for sale, Mohawk is enhancing sterilization capabilities for healthcare facilities nationwide.

In an innovative move to support healthcare facilities in achieving peak sterilization efficiency, Mohawk Medical Mall is now offering an extensive range of Midmark autoclaves. As a leading medical equipment and supplies provider, the medical store continues its mission to furnish healthcare providers across the United States with top-tier medical equipment at wholesale direct discount prices.

Autoclaves play a critical role in maintaining sterile conditions in various healthcare settings, crucial for preventing infection spread and ensuring patient and healthcare worker safety. Recognizing this, Mohawk has added the Midmark M11 and M9 autoclaves, renowned for their reliability and ease of use, to its inventory. These steam sterilizers efficiently meet the demanding sterilization needs of hospitals, clinics, dental offices, and laboratories.

"We understand the critical importance of sterilization in healthcare settings," said a representative from Mohawk Medical Mall. “We're introducing the Midmark medical autoclaves, recognized by the Dental and Ortho Townie Choice Awards for their consistent reliability and ease of operation. This recognition reinforces our commitment to delivering efficient, secure, and user-friendly solutions to our clients.”


The Midmark M11 Autoclave Sterilizer stands out with its spacious chamber, offering one of the most generous capacities among available tabletop autoclaves. This feature is valuable for medical facilities seeking to enhance their sterile instrument inventory effectively. It features a steam-flush pressure pulse air removal system that ensures proper steam sterilization, pre-programmed sterilization cycles, and an intuitive LCD with prompts for easy operation. The real-time alerts for any critical system errors enhance its safety feature, making it a preferred choice for healthcare providers.

Meanwhile, the Midmark M9 Steam Sterilizer offers a solution for facilities with limited space without compromising sterilization capacity. Its compact design is coupled with powerful sterilizing capabilities, an automatic door opening upon cycle completion, and simple operation modes to facilitate seamless integration into any stereo center's workflow. The Midmark Speedclean sterilizer cleaner is also recommended to maintain the autoclave's efficiency and is designed to effortlessly remove hard water build-up and scale deposits.

Mohawk Medical Mall is a direct distributor for everything it sells, ensuring clients receive only new equipment covered under manufacturer warranties. Its established nationwide delivery network guarantees that large equipment and furniture items are delivered and installed quickly and safely in healthcare facilities. The company also leverages special discounted pricing for members of national Group Purchasing Organizations, maximizing the benefits to its clients.

About Us: Since its inception, Mohawk Medical Mall has been driven by a vision to supply medical equipment and supplies to healthcare providers at unbeatable prices. With a team of over 50 employees and the backing of one of the largest independent MED/SURG distributors in the US, the medical equipment superstore continues to lead in the provision of critical medical supplies.

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