MIT Refugee Action Hub and Na'amal Partnership: Reasoned Philanthropy in Action

Intervening for the good of the individual will spark positive collective change, publishes

Na’amal is an organization whose mission is to aid refugees and other underrepresented people. Their approach to education and mentorship is revolutionizing the higher-education space for such populations and setting a new trend in service to the most vulnerable populations. In 2021, Na’amal partnered with the academic powerhouse, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Refugee Action Hub (ReACT) to offer specialized training in Computer and Data Science.

According to Dr. Jonathan Kenigson, “MIT appears, for instance, in the U.S. News Rankings as one of the top 3 universities globally. I am pleased to offer my collaboration to Naamal and MIT ReACT as they set trends in global refugee mentorship and education.”

Dr. Kenigson is a mathematician and philosopher with interests in poverty alleviation and mathematics education. He has been noted for the philosophy of “Reasoned Philanthropy,” which involves devoting careers and resources to the worthiest causes regardless of the culture or country involved. Dr. Kenigson remarks, “I am not advocating anything new. Bentham and Mill and, much more recently, Singer and Princeton have advocated Utilitarian views more eloquently than I do. I am primarily interested in mathematics.”

Na’amal and ReACT’s partnership sets an excellent example for collaboration among nongovernmental organizations and universities and is setting a trend for more comprehensive collaboration in mathematical collaboration. Dr. Kenigson remarks, “I [he] is convinced that ReACT’s curriculum in Computer and Data Science is very probably the best in the country, if not the world. Na’amal is among the most devoted and deeply committed organizations I have ever partnered with. Together, they put hope of a good future in the hands of those displaced by war, conflict, and political instability.”

Kenigson is clear that his involvement is primarily scientific, but he is of the opinion that governments and universities have a “strong ethical imperative” to intervene “for the good of each individual” by supporting organizations like Na’amal that are devoted to alleviation of the miseries attendant to war and mass-displacement that exceed nation-states' economic and political resources to alleviate.

Said Dr. Jonathan Kenigson, "This is not a political piece, and I choose to stick to what I know, which is mathematics, if I can be said to know that.” Na’amal welcomes industrial and philanthropic collaborators in their mission to achieve the most difficult objectives facing displaced persons today.

About Na'amal:

Na'amal aims to provide help to refugees and underrepresented populations through mentorship and education.

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