Minereum - The first self-mining smart contract

Minereum is the first self-mining smart contract. You will know what Minereum Smart Contract Deployment is, what Staking and their features are, and how to win up to 1000% Staking rewards and up to 60% Referral Bonus.

What is Minereum (MNE)?

Minereum was launched in 2017 as the First ever Self-Mining Smart Contract https://www.minereum.com/.

It was launched as an airdrop, each user participating received a Minereum Genesis Address with 32,000 MNE. Genesis Addresses are addresses that perform the Self-Mining process. During the first airdrop in 2017 there were 4,268 Genesis Addresses generated.

Minereum V2 introduced a variety of upgrades, creating a totaly new economy, this includes:

Minereum Ecosystem overview
Decentralized Exchanges of Genesis Addresses
Decentralized Exchange of MNE
Decentralized Exchange of Fee Shares
ERC20 Token Creation Service
Lucky Draw - A 100% on chain and provably fair Dice game

In June 2020, Minereum released the new Staking feature, allowing anyone to win up to 1000% Staking rewards and up to 60% Referral Bonus! Read more about the MNE Staking & Get your referral link here: https://www.minereum.com/v2/staking

Minereum Smart Contract Deployment

Minereum Smart Contract will be deployed on ethereum blockchain, this process will work in the following way:

The first phase will be to collect as many ethereum addresses as possible. This
will be done openly in online forums, anyone will be able to provide their address.
The addresses collected will then be incorporated in the Smart Contract and
they will be what we will call the Genesis Addresses, they will be hardcoded
in the Source Code and visible for all.
Each address will be attributed a total amount of 32000 MNE (minereums), the
total supply will vary depending on the amount of Genesis Addresses. Example
if there are 500 Genesis Addresses the total supply will be 32000 * 500 =
To prevent instant hyper-inflation, each address will only be able to transfer a
controllable amount of coins. This amount will be tied to the blocks of
ethereum blockchain, this is where the mining will happen.

Mining Process

The mining process of Minereum is something never seen before.
Instead of traditional mining, the availability of coins to each Genesis Address will be calculated purely by a mathematical formula on the fly https://www.minereum.com/mining.

This formula is only incorporated in the Transfer function of minereum Smart Contract and its only function is to prevent that a user is able to transfer more funds than what he is allowed to.

Minereum Staking Process Principles:

The Minereum Staking Period will run for 365 days, starting in July 2020.
Every day the Staking reward decreases by 1%
Refer to get more BONUS! Referred users get 25% Bonus and Referrers get up to 60% bonus. See more details here.
The Staking Reward will be distributed based on the MNE each user sends. The more MNE you send, the more reward you get.
To understand more on how the MNE Staking rewards work see here.

Minereum Referral Program

In addition, Minerium offers you bonuses.

Referred users will get 25% Bonus based on the amount they stake

Referrers will get their bonus based on the following principles:

Normal Addresses: 30% Referrer Bonus
Genesis Addresses Level 1: 30% Referrer Bonus
Genesis Addresses Level 2: 40% Referrer Bonus
Genesis Addresses Level 3: 50% Referrer Bonus
Fee Shareholders: 60% Referrer Bonus

To know more about the Minereum mining and staking features, visit: https://www.minereum.com

Contact Info:
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Website: https://www.minereum.com/

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