MindGenius Announces Launch and Update

The latest software offering from MindGenius enables anyone with a browser and internet connection to use the software. The software is useful for the management of projects and individual tasks regardless of the industry.

MindGenius is pleased to announce the latest release of their software, MindGenius 2019. As part of this launch, their Barvas product has been rebranded as MindGenius Online.

The MindGenius products make project management simpler, more complete and more enjoyable and offer the flexibility of a desktop solution or a browser based solution to suit individual preference. MindGenius focuses on something other traditional project management software misses out – brainstorming the actions your project will require. The mind mapping front end to both products makes this process simple and enjoyable and ensures you and your team are working on the right tasks. From there it’s easy to assign resources, set durations and dependencies, review progress, and revise your plan – with remarkable flexibility.

MindGenius 2019 is heavily focused on the sharing of project information and the new features added to this release reflect this. We’ve made it easy to share MindGenius content with the wider MindGenius User Community, on social media and it’s easier than ever to share a MindGenius 2019 file with MindGenius Online, ensuring you can collaborate on any project with your team members and stakeholders.

Start a project plan in MindGenius, take advantage of its many project management features, and then bring your entire project team into the project using MindGenius Online. It’s the best of both worlds: Get in-depth functionality with MindGenius and easy collaboration among your project team with MindGenius Online.

Both MindGenius 2019 and MindGenius Online are available with a 14-day free trial.

More details are available at https://www.mindgenius.com

Contact Info:
Name: Fiona Macintyre
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Organization: MindGenius
Phone: +44 (0)1355 247766
Website: https://www.mindgenius.com/

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