Milwaukee/Waukesha HVAC Company, D&K Heating and Cooling, Offers Timely Services In Response to 'Unusual' Wisconsin Winter Forecast

Milwaukee/Waukesha Based HVAC Company, D&K Heating and Cooling, Offers Timely Heating, Cooling and Indoor Air Quality Services In Response to The 'Unusual' Wisconsin Winter Forecast

As a recent report predicts a mild winter ahead in Southeastern Wisconsin, a Milwaukee HVAC company, D&K Heating and Cooling, prepare to ramp up their commercial and residential services to improve furnace efficiency and indoor air quality. D&K also serves Waukesha and Racine counties.

D&K's full range of heating, cooling and air quality services are explained on their newly redesigned website. The company is offering free estimates and timely discounts:

According to a recent report released by a leading meteorologist, the main weather patterns that will be affecting this winter are El Nino and the LRC pattern. To know what to expect, there are two factors that will be influencing the weather patterns:

EL Nino - More than 3,000 miles from Wisconsin, the Pacific ocean warms during the year on the equator. The warmer those waters get, the stronger the El Nino effect will be in our area. This year, the waters are so warm that meteorologists are expecting a strong El Nino. That means that winter temperatures in Wisconsin are expected to be warmer than usual. Snowfalls range between 32 and 51 inches on average when this happens.

The LRC: Lezak's Recurring Cycle - Every year, a weather pattern establishes itself in the fall and lasts for almost a year. Cycles of low pressure and high pressure are established which makes predicting how strong and how long a storm system will last. Here is what this years LRC in Wisconsin looks like:

* The low pressure troughs over the Great Lakes mean that there will be periods of intense cold, but they are not expected to last as long as they have in previous years. If there is a great deal of cold pack on the ground, expect the cold to be intense.

* This fall has been warmer than average because of troughs. The good news is that they are centered over the west which will see more storms than they have in the past two years. In Wisconsin, expect extended periods of warmer weather that will eat away at the snow pack throughout the winter.

Wisconsin residents can expect temperatures to be above average, snowfall to be below average, and some heavy snowfall due to the lake effect. This year's weather in Milwaukee is not expected to be the same as last year's by a long shot.

In anticipation of the winter forecast, D&K Heating and Cooling is expecting to help homeowners and businesses by performing tuneups to improve furnace efficiency, and providing air duct cleaning services to improve indoor air quality, as explained in this video: According to D&K, the mild winter presents an ideal opportunity for homeowners to invest in improving the performance of their heating systems and the quality of their environments.

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