Milpeak Announces Service Expansion

Satellite communication rentals for the mining and exploration industry are now available, Milpeak reports.

Milpeak Pty. Ltd. has announced the expansion of its satellite communication rental services to cover the needs of the mining and exploration industry. This will allow the industry to operate reliable private communications systems where none were previously available.

"Mining, exploration, and construction customers often prefer to use private communications systems instead of relying on the general grid," said Steve Kennedy of Milpeak. "In some cases, this is done to reduce costs. For many of these companies, however, using a private system is the only way to guarantee reliable communications at remote outposts or from those locations to the main offices. Our systems work where cell phone technology and even landlines are not available."

There are a variety of solutions for remote offices. A good comparison can be found by following the link found at According to this chart, each system has benefits and drawbacks that makes it better for one type of application than another. For example, the Iridium system is highly mobile, but it isn't good for data. This makes it a favorite of train operators, who need to communicate with engineers but don't need to worry about data transfer.

"For mining companies, the VSAT technology is more popular for data transmission," Kennedy said. "It can provide coverage across a single continent, and makes it easy for remote mines or exploration sites to communicate with a central base camp. This type of system can be used for either voice or data transmission. A VSAT system takes skilled personnel to put in place, and once it's up, it's not very mobile. This makes it a good investment for companies that intend to operate in the same area for a long time."

Another option, IMMERSAT BGAN, is better for use by groups of 2-5 people. It can provide voice, data, and SMS service on an occasional-use basis, but isn't ideally suited for constant use. On the plus side, it's small, inexpensive, and easy to set up. While not portable enough to be considered truly mobile, it is easy enough to move that companies won't have a problem if they move a remote camp from one area to another.

"As we consider our services and product offerings, we always keep an eye on specific industries and how they might best use our products. After examining the needs of mining companies and exploration firms, we realized that our remote private and semi-private communications systems were the perfect solution to the problem of establishing stable communications in far-off regions of Australia. This is why we decided to expand our product line to better serve these industries. It simply made sense to add satellite services that were perfect matches for these unique needs." said Kennedy.

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Milpeak specializes in providing satellite communications systems for a variety of unique industry needs. Mobile systems for trains and powerful continent-wide systems for companies working in remote locations are just two of the options.

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