Millennials Seek Retirement Security as Debt Grows and Government Funds Deplete

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Real estate investment expert provides hope for passive income creation and successful retirement

As the U.S. government released in a 2014 report that its Social Security trust fund reserves will be depleted by 2033, millennials across North America are looking elsewhere for retirement and other financial security options that can also produce passive income now.

“This report is a sign of things to come for both the U.S. and Canada,” said Marco Silvestri, award-winning real estate investment expert and President of Silvestri Capital, Inc, a company focused on building wealth for investors by offering well-selected real estate investments that produce positive cash flow. “Everyone, not just millennials, needs to take control of their finances by exploring various avenues that lead to passive income now and retiring safely in the future.“

Those interested in Silvestri’s services can learn more about his company at its website.

With younger generations steeped in student debt, many find themselves panicked about not only preparing for retirement, but also paying off loans. Being able to create passive income, or money earned outside ones’ standard paycheck, could greatly increase the viability of younger individuals' financial futures, Silvestri said.

“Choosing real estate as your investment vehicle is one of the smartest decisions one can make for his or her financial future,” Silvestri said. “It’s dependable, not at the mercy of a volatile economy, and can generate income much sooner than other forms of investing.”

Real estate investing allows individuals to preserve and build wealth now through cash flow generated from the development. These developments can also appreciate in value over time, Silvestri added.

“Real estate investments are like oak trees,” Silvestri relates. “Plant the seed once, and over time, you can watch it grow with minimal attention.”

Silvestri founded Silvestri Capital eight years ago to help others take control of their financial futures using real estate investing, a practice that has the potential to create financial security for generations.

“Now is the time to take control of your financial future,” said Silvestri. “Your money can work harder for you, and investing in real estate is a surefire way to make it do so.”

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