Midwest Diversified Technologies Incorporated Adds Magnacore to Product Lineup

Self-drilling design of Magnacore anchors and micropiles speeds installation and cuts costs, MDTI reports

Midwest Diversified Technologies Incorporated, one of the country's leading distributors of foundation construction products, announced the addition of the Magnacore self-drilling anchors and micropiles to its product line. Magnacore products can reduce construction costs and cut time requirements on even the most challenging of jobs as there is no need for pre-drilling and a separate grouting stage. Those interested in the difference Magnacore can make can learn more from MDTI's website, where brand-new product pages and a number of blog posts expand on the topic.

"We're proud to add our full-range of Magnacore anchors and micropiles to our existing selection of foundation construction supplies," says MDTI representative, Russell Adkins. "Our customers thereby gain access to an innovative line of products that has been proven to simplify many projects while cutting costs and speeding up work. From deep foundation construction to specialized applications like tunnel excavation and slope stabilization, Magnacore anchors and micropiles make a big difference."

Bedrock can sometimes be found close enough to the surface so that a building can directly upon it is practical, that is by no means the rule. Instead, construction specialists must typically seek other ways of providing buildings and other large structures with stable, reliable footing that will remain steady and safe for decades to come.

Many of these approaches involve the use of piles that are set deep into the ground and fortified, by any of a variety of means, so that they can collectively provide the needed support. Traditionally, this typically meant the need to first drill a hole for either pile installation or pouring concrete and installing steel reinforcement. Depending on the soil conditions, the drilling process often involves the need for casing to support the soils during construction and drilling process.

Magnacore anchors and micropiles greatly simplify this process. Each anchor or micropile location is equipped with a sacrificial bit that does away with the need to drill beforehand. Magnacore products also allow for the direct injection of grout, which then escapes from strategically placed ports on each side of the bit. As a result, piles and anchors can be placed much more quickly and cost-effectively than with the most common alternatives.

The addition of Magnacore self-drilling anchors and micropiles to the MDTI catalog will therefore give the company's customers an especially appealing and noteworthy new option. Since 1998, MDTI has been a top supplier of foundation construction products to customers throughout the Midwest and beyond, always seeking ways of becoming an even more valuable partner.

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