Microleaves Announces Biggest Infrastructure Upgrade in Their History and the Corresponding Pricing Adjustment

To service its customer better, Microleaves has activated new powerful upgrades to their proxy network service. Customers will be getting better service and increased functionality of greater value

United Kingdom: Microleaves would like to announce their new upgraded network service infrastructure and pricing adjustment.

Microleaves team has been working very hard in the last 12 months to provide its loyal user a better service. Recently, they just launched Microleaves 2.0, which is the biggest upgrade efforts since the company opened in 2012.

The upgrade involved fully rebuilding and deployment of a new service infrastructure, making their proxy network up to 25% faster. They also added over 5,000,000 new IPs, including major GEOs like US, CA & GB.

Other improved features to the network include increased support working hours, new system nodes that increase connectivity, and better response time. With this new upgrade, customers will be getting a proxy network service worth over 2,000 USD/month dedicated server.

Microleaves is also adjusting their pricing model to reflect with the values of the upgrade features and at the same time make room for great new features coming soon.

With the pricing model, members will now be on a new fair usage policy of 40 GB monthly traffic per port, designed to ensure the network quality of the new upgrade. They can also sign up for a new smaller 10 port package which has already been launched. Memberships that are based on the old price structure will be updated to the new pricing model.

Customers should also note that their automatic memberships have been canceled. The pricing model has been updated hence, the cancelation of the old automatic memberships system to effect the new pricing model.
Members can presubscribe to automatic payments again from their panel.
For more information, please contact +442033188561, office@microleaves.com, or visit https://microleaves.com/.

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Name: Alexandru Iulian Florea
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Organization: Microleaves LTD
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Website: https://microleaves.com/

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