Michi Sander Brings A Twist To The Vegas Lifestyle With His Versatility

Serial entrepreneur, Michi Sander, gives a new meaning to the popular “Vegas Lifestyle” as he shows the world a different side to the concept

Michael Sander is popularly known as an entrepreneur and business coach. However, beyond the feat he has achieved in the business world, Michi also has an enviable lifestyle. His approach to doing things has stood him out over the years, a feat that gave him popularity with the way he lives the Vegas lifestyle.

"For Michi Sander, the question is not whether someone wants to become a millionaire, but how long he can afford not to strive for it.”

The popular concept of the Vegas lifestyle is known to be full of fun and everything in between and beyond. The famous saying “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” says a lot about the Vegas lifestyle. Millions of people in the United States and other parts of the world will do almost anything to have a taste of lifestyle. Unfortunately, the Vegas lifestyle remains a luxury available to a few. However, Michi Sander is showing the world that there is more to the Vegas lifestyle that most people perceive.

Hon. Prof. Michael "Michi" Sander, PhD is known for competence, consulting, and coaching across the globe. As an expert on digital currency and one of the world's famous Baccarat experts, Michi is known for his escapades on the table, winning more than $22 million playing Baccarat. Michael is poised with challenging the status quo across board, which underlines his feat as a player for his “backers.” Over 400 backers from all over the world have entrusted Michi Sander with their stakes. A growing community that fully trusts the baccarat professional.

Michi seems to have brought more fun to living in Vegas, with the serial entrepreneur showing the world how to enjoy life the Vegas way. In addition to being a Baccarat expert, Michi Sander is also a public speaker and business coach. As a coach, Michael has shared his knowledge with over a million people, featuring at the keynote speaker at more than a thousand meetings across the globe. During the pandemic he also founded a Baccarat Academy where students all over the world can learn how to master this game of chance themselves (www.baccarat-academy.com).

Michael Sander aims to get people out of their life so that they can finally make their own decisions, sharing his wealth of knowledge from more than 30 years of entrepreneurship with others, especially leaders of sustainable businesses.

For more information about Michael Sander and how to join his team of disruptive entrepreneurs with the right mindset to change the world, please visit - http://michisander.info. Michi Sander can also be found across several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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