Michael McKneely, Sex Crime Attorney in Fresno, CA Reveals How He Is Helping Clients Beat Charges Or Get Them Dropped

Criminal defense attorney in Fresno, California announces how he is helping those facing sex crime allegations, navigate through an extremely stressful time and beat sexual assault charges. To find out more please visit https://www.fresnocriminalattorney.com

Michael McKneely, sex crimes lawyer at McKneely Law Firm, has just announced how he is delivering an effective and winning experience for those charged with or suspected of a sex crime.

With more than 15 years of experience, McKneely’s approach includes some key differentiators when compared with other law practices.

For more information and to contact Michael McKneely please visit https://www.fresnocriminalattorney.com/

There are three main things McKneely does to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients...

1 Ensuring Client Trust

One of the first things that McKneely does when a client walks into his law practice is to “develop a rapport and establish confidentiality expectations so he gets full and complete trust.”

McKneely commented on the importance of this by saying, “People who have had allegations made against them – whether they have been charged or not – are generally feeling extremely vulnerable and frightened, so it’s important to make them feel comfortable.”

Gaining trust and rapport is an essential component to allowing the client to open up so McKneely is able to understand the client’s background and the facts of the case.

When asked to elaborate, McKneely said, “I’m in the business of persuading a varied audience composed of police officers, judges, and jury members, so knowing the facts is important in maintaining credibility and a winning case with those audiences.”

2 Understanding the Real Story

Another key marker that differentiates McKneely’s approach is the level of attention and care he puts into understanding the client’s story.

“A lot of attorneys define their case and their client solely based on reports they have received from the government. However, when I spend the time getting to know the client’s back story, it often opens up things that can affect the outcome of the case,” McKneely says.

3 Winning Defense Strategy

McKneely states that using the facts he has gathered from his close relationship with the client is part of his strategy to “persuade the decision makers along the way about the right course of action.”

But the other side of his defense strategy is all about, “doing whatever it takes within the law to fight for and defend the client.”

When asked about this, McKneely commented, “A lot of people that you find in the system such as police officers and prosecutors are programmed to see my client as guilty. It’s my job to build a defense and a story that sheds enough doubt in their mind so they can’t see themselves winning.”

“If we do that, we’ve done our job.”, says McKneely.

For more information and to contact Michael McKneely please visit https://www.fresnocriminalattorney.com/

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