Metering Station Publishes Unique New Guides to Important Oil and Gas Metering Parts

Two new guides give readers detailed insights into meter tubes and orifice plates, common metering parts that make a real difference for oil and gas companies, Metering Station reports

Metering Station, one of the world's leading producers of metering equipment aimed at the oil and gas industry, published two informative new guides at the company's website. With each guide going in-depth on a particularly important component of modern metering systems, the publications will be of great interest to oil and gas professionals and others.

The first guide, available now at, gives readers insights into extracting the best performance from turbulence-reducing metering tubes. The second guide, now live at, details the ins and outs of orifice plates, parts of fundamental importance to the accuracy of orifice-style metering stations.

"Reliable, accurate metering is a cornerstone of profitability in the oil and gas industry," Metering Station representative Tony Zak said, "Unfortunately, this subject remains something of a mystery to many. Our newly published guides are going to answer many of the most common questions that people have about these subjects and give readers valuable foundations in two very important topics."

The top oil-producing state in the country, Texas turned out an average of 5 million barrels of crude per day last year, a total that has risen consistently in recent years. Whether that oil is tapped by offshore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico or the iconic pumpjack-style wells that are still so common in the western part of the state, metering it and its derivatives is as fundamental to the business as taking inventory is to retailers.

With a focus on building high-quality metering equipment that is custom-tailored to the needs of individual clients, Metering Station is an important source of mission-critical assets for oil and gas producers in Texas and beyond. Reliable, accurate metering equipment allows oil and gas companies to meet and exceed the expectations of clients, with failures invariably creating openings for competitors to step in.

The new Metering Station guides to two common, important metering-related components will therefore make for rewarding reading for people in a range of roles in the oil and gas industries, as well as plenty of other readers. In-depth, industry-relevant information of the kind the two new guides offer is still difficult to find online, so the release of these unique new resources is a significant event.

The first guide takes readers through the factors that contribute to satisfying meter tube performance. Responsible for delivering liquid to the equipment that actually does the measuring, meter tubes have a major impact on the accuracy of the resulting figures. Expert welders employed by Metering Station take great pains to ensure that the company's meter tubes produce consistent flow, as detailed in the new guide, while other technicians focus on equally important factors of other sorts.

The second new guide gives the same kind of in-depth treatment to orifice plates. These plates are used to join oil or gas pipelines to an especially common kind of measuring device known as an orifice meter and they, too, have a major impact on the accuracy of the measurements that are obtained, as the new guide shows. The two newly published guides are available now, free of charge, at the Metering Station website.

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