Metering Station Launches New Oil and Gas Metering Equipment Awareness Drive

With price of oil still dropping, new campaign will point out how focus on top-quality metering equipment can produce competitive advantages and improved results, Metering Station reports

Metering Station, a premier provider of top-quality metering equipment and custom-built stations, kicked off a new public awareness campaign aimed at decision makers in the gas and oil industry. The new campaign will help spread awareness as to the fundamental importance of accurate, reliable metering equipment, pointing out how acquiring and maintaining such assets produces real competitive advantages in the field. The just-launched campaign includes new informational postings at the company's website at, along with the ongoing availability of Metering Station experts to answer questions from members of the media and others.

"With oil prices dropping back below $40 per barrel, making money in the industry is becoming even harder than before," Metering Station representative Tony Zak said, "Many times, profit margins depend crucially on the metering equipment that keeps track of flow volumes, with inaccurate measurements quickly proving to be costly. Through our new public awareness campaign, we hope to help more oil and gas industry participants understand just how important it is to insist upon the most reliable and precise metering equipment as a matter of course."

At both the largest scales and local ones, networks of pipelines tasked with carrying oil, gas, and refined fossil fuels crisscross the United States. With billions of dollars of hydrocarbon-based assets flowing through these pipelines every day, keeping close track of their movements and volumes is a business-critical requirement for companies involved with extracting, refining, and distributing them.

Most often, that work is performed in a largely automated fashion with special tools that are tuned to the unique requirements of the job. Many pipeline installations are equipped with strategically placed stations that contain instruments that monitor the flow of fuels, amassing records that have a direct impact on the financial results of the companies that own them.

Metering Station is one of the world's top designers, manufacturers, and providers of such stations and the equipment that they contain. Supplying everything from all-inclusive, custom-built stations that account precisely for the needs particular to specific customers to individual meter tubes and other parts, the company helps oil and gas industry concerns keep accurate, business-enhancing accounts of what is happening within their pipelines.

The new Metering Station public awareness initiative will help more of those in the industry understand just how valuable and rewarding these arrangements can be. Visitors to the Metering Station website, for example, will find detailed information about how properly calibrated, high-quality Orifice Plate measuring equipment can contribute directly to the performance and competitiveness of companies that employ it. Those with questions are also invited to contact Metering Station experts directly.

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