Metaverse Miner creates a new game mode through DeFi and mechanism

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Metaverse Miner is a decentralized game based on Binance Smart Chain platform introducing players to navigate the galaxy, using various machines to obtain raw energy in unfamiliar galaxies and linking to each planet through an interstellar logistics network.

Recently, Metaverse Miner introduces a new game mode through DeFi and mechanism, providing players with longer-term stable revenue capture opportunities. Its tokens can be used for earning in-game rewards, and its stakeholders are granted with the power to participate in governance, and their maximum supply is pegged at 21 million. META is the only circulating token in the game. Excluding the team, private equity and ecological funds, 70% is produced by game mining. Price patterns reveal investors are trading and holding the non-fungible token rather than for mere speculation as the digital asset flourish despite poor market conditions.

Metaverse Miner is a decentralized game based on Binance Smart Chain platform introducing players to navigate the galaxy, using various machines to obtain raw energy in unfamiliar galaxies and linking to each planet through an interstellar logistics network. Five companies have different types of products, there are basic energy body, insect-like creatures, intelligent robots, specialized energy harvesting mining machine, and high energy consumption but high efficiency mining ship. Those creatures also have the powerful potential underneath their appearance. The game allows players to manage their ideal metaverse world, raise, battle and even trade them in marketplace.

In the current metaverse concept games, players can usually choose an identity, and there are also some economic models. Players can find survival or profit models from themselves. If the development goes further, this type of game does not even need to be designed by a subject, and players can create rules and patterns by themselves, just like real life does not have a set script.

But do they really need to create the metaverse games, or are they just a marketing “gimmick”. The development of the Internet has greatly enriched and expanded people lives. Nowadays, people can buy global products with just a few buttons, so can we also extend the length of our lives? Through Metaverse to experience the lives of different characters, have different assets and social relationships, and accomplish things that cannot be done in real life. They assume there will be demand in this area, and this field will show great potential in the future.

People will say that “The Sims” games or “Virtual Reality” are not new, but it should be noted that with the advancement of blockchain technology in recent years, the upsurge of cryptocurrencies has driven the development of non-fungible tokens — NFTs. When a token that can be freely circulated without an intermediary meets a “virtual world”, which gives transaction value to the assets in the game, everything becomes different. They are no longer just a kind of leisure time entertainment as before.

This is also one of the main reasons why some metaverse concept games are very popular in the crypto world today. The Alien world, which focuses on mining and NFT collection, has exceeded three million users in just a few months. There is also the wizard PVP battle game Axie Infinity, during the epidemic period, it has brought more than the average salary of the country to Filipino players.

However, the biggest problem with most Metaverse games today is that there is no inherent circular economy. The huge profits of players mostly depend on the influx of new external players. Once the increase is difficult to maintain, it will lead to economic losses for players and the loss of a large number of users. In response to the pain points of metaverse games, Metaverse Miner came into being. It is a blockchain GameFi+NFT game designed based on the “Dual-Circulation” economic model.

“Star Master” and “Star Lord”. The Star Master can own the ownership of one or more planets and the corresponding NFT tokens, which are obtained through auctions from the platform. The Star Master also can obtain income by renting out the resources in the planet and selling miners.

There is also a role outside the game that is the META holder. For players who do not have much game energy, they can also choose to simply hold tokens to enjoy the profits brought by the overall game value increase. The exchange provides liquidity to earn transaction fees. Most competing games set up internal tokens for inflation to attract more players in the early stage. Metaverse Miner’s economic model has designed a large number of destruction mechanisms to maintain the value of META. At present, many popular in-game player roles on the market are very single. For example, Axis must purchase three Pokemon to enter the market. As the number of users increases, the entry barrier is also increased, which brings many novices and risks for new users. In Metaverse Miner, players can choose according to their own situation.

The concept of metaverse is still in its early stages, and many projects only focus on issues such as UI interface, user experience, and playability. Lack of the design and value maintenance of the token in the game. In addition to the combustion mechanism settings mentioned above, Metaverse Miner also integrates Defi and NFT to provide players with multiple benefits. A certain proportion of the planet NFT sale and mining are used to add liquidity of the META/USDT trading pair, which can improve the stability of the game and provide players with long-term income. For players, whether they can obtain long-term gains is also an important part of the project selection. The game has not been officially launched, and more details of the gameplay are yet to be explored. Usually, there is a bonus period when the meta-universe game is launched in the early stage, which is worthy of our attention.

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