MetaShare Presents a Unique Metaverse NFT Opportunity for Crypto Collectors and Enthusiasts

MetaShare is a crypto project consisting of 10,000 exclusive MShare NFTs, which grant fractional ownership of MetaShare’s community portfolio and generate passive income via staking, renting, trading, and developing acquired assets for MShare holders.

MetaShare is among the pioneering crypto projects that are tirelessly working on building a bridge between casual crypto enthusiasts and Metaverse development. As one of the first projects in this realm, MetaShare invites new members to become a part of a thriving community.

MetaShare is collectively investing in Blue Chip NFTs and Metaverse Projects (such as Moonbirds, NFT Worlds, Arcade Land, Memeland, etc...). MetaShare makes it possible for ordinary people who do not have the time, the knowledge, and the required liquidity to participate in these projects. Through staking, renting, and trading MetaShare NFT holders are earning a passive income while royalties are used to grow the portfolio.

MetaShare is also developing some of the acquired NFT Worlds to build Play2Earn games and real estate in these worlds which will generate income for MShare holders through in game spendings.

MetaShare stands out among thousands of aspiring NFT projects with its unique nature. This project is designed to provide its holders with high ROI and utility, but at the same time, it was founded to contribute to various Metaverse projects that MetaShare is collectively investing in.

Offering a host of exquisite opportunities to crypto enthusiasts, collectors, and investors, MetaShare’s DAO, the ability to generate passive income through staking is the most prominent advantage MetaShare holders can reap:

“100% of income will be distributed by MShare NFT holders, with on-top earning potential for early adopters and Premium Tier MShare holders, the tier of each MShare will be revealed after minting is completed.”

From its conception, the main mission of MetaShare was to create passive income for MShare holders through the numerous opportunities the DAO provides. The project is currently in its Growth stage, engaging in the ongoing development of MSpaces and introducing more innovative and creative concepts, network expansion, and onboarding of verified builders via smart contracts.

More information about MetaShare is available on the project’s official website.

Contact Info:
Name: Simon Dach
Email: Send Email
Organization: MetaShare
Address: Switzerland

Release ID: 89075101