Metamorph Media Offers Free Web Site Critique For Businesses

Metamorph Media launches free website critiques showing businesses how to transform websites from dull to extraordinary.

Many factors contribute to the overall success of a company, from the product offered to how it is positioned in the marketplace. The presentation of a company's website proves to be a vital piece in any marketing plan, with fast loading sites containing relevant information proving ever more important. In fact, industry statistics reveal 40% of those surveyed state they will abandon a site if it doesn't load within 3 seconds. Furthermore, in today's increasingly mobile world, 48% of users state if they arrive on a business' site and it isn't working well on their mobile device, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring.

With these trends in mind, James Watkins, spokesperson for Metamorph Media ( has announced a free site critique for businesses looking to improve the performance of their existing site and those looking to create a mobile presence. Says Watkins, "Many companies today have a website they're not really happy with or it is just not performing the way the feel it should. We take clients through how the site could be improved to obtain the results needed. We will also offer a free web visual to show you how it could be improved."

Watkins elaborates on what makes a quality website, saying, "We create websites with sticking power so once you have the visitor there, they can buy what you have to sell. With the right design and content, the visitor can be successfully moved through the buying cycle, improving your bottom line.

Responsive web design is more important today than ever before. Slow loading sites on a mobile device will turn customers away faster than anything."

To help customers with no mobile presence, Metamorph Media ( practices web coding using cascading style sheets which detects the size of the screen being used to access the page and adjusts accordingly. Watkins confirms, saying, "With the dawn of tablets and smart phones, it's more important than ever that a site displays effectively whatever the device. For any business, this type of system is very advantageous because now they aren't dealing with individual pages anymore. Now, they have a single site that feeds all of the devices instead of having to make an individual site for the phone, tablet or laptop."

Watkins concludes, "From a full-blown consultancy to a bespoke piece of artwork, we have the individuality and passion to ensure your campaign always hits the mark, bringing you closer to your customers."

About Metamorph Media Ltd.:
Metamorph Media stops ineffective spending on marketing and advertising that doesn't work by re-introducing the basic principles of good advertising on behalf of their clients. From ground breaking web design to carefully formed SEO strategies, Metamorph ensures their clients are one step ahead of the competition, capitalizing on all possible routes to market as efficiently as possible.

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