Metal Roofing Contractor, Austin Roofing and Construction, Installs 24-Gauge Standing Seam Metal Roofs in Central Texas

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Central Texas Metal Roofing Repair Company, Austin Roofing and Construction, details the advantages of having 24-Gauge standing seam metal roofs installed in your home.

With over three generations of experience in providing homes with secure and stable roofing, Austin Roofing and Construction is among the leading metal roof contractors throughout the entire state of Texas.

Austin Roofing and Construction offers their expert knowledge to provide 24-gauge standing seam metal roofs to residential homeowners and commercial business owners throughout Central Texas, including the Austin and Hill Country areas.

Austin Roofing and Construction manufacturers beautiful metal roofs that are durable, lightweight, and come in a variety of styles. Each metal panel contains 30% recycled content from pre-consumer and post-consumer goods.

They report that the best thing about metal roofs is that they virtually last forever, and it’ll take around 50 years before it needs to be repainted.

The company also offers countless options for metal roof colors including dark bronze, aged bronze, medium bronze, and galvalume; which is a personal favorite of the team at Austin Roofing and Construction. According to says Christine Bowen, CVO for Austin Roofing and Construction Austin Roofing and Construction: “Galvalume stays clean looking, is the easiest to maintain and has an amazing reflectiveness that reflects the sun’s heat, perfect for Texan summers.”

In addition, Austin Roofing and Construction’s Galvalume Roofing Systems support a 20-year material warranty, not-prorated which ensures the full value of your warranty for up to 20 years.

Standing seam metal roofs are available in double-lock and snap-lock. Lower sloped roofs use the double-lock standing seam metal panels, while higher slopes utilize snap-lock standing seam metal panels. Austin Roofing and Construction uses a synthetic underlayment beneath their roofs during the initial installation process, which typically takes upwards of two weeks depending on the size of your property.

Many homeowners and commercial business owners tend to avoid metal roofs due to their costs. Metal roofs costs can cost more as compared to the price of other materials such as shingles and slates. However, the added costs can end up saving you thousands of dollars in future maintenance and home repair. This is due to the longevity and reliability of metal as a material. Although metal materials prices have doubled in 2021, Austin Roofing and Construction has used their buying power to level off prices for their current and future clients for the end of 2021 and the first part of 2022.

Metal is incredibly durable. It can generally withstand the harsh weather conditions common in Central Texas such as extreme heat, tornados, hurricanes, strong winds, and heavy rains, not to mention hail.

In addition, these roofs generally tend to last forever with minimal maintenance and require a fresh coat of paint just once every fifty years.

Another attractive feature for particularly budget-conscious owners is that metal roofs are energy efficient. They keep the costs of utilities low. Metal roofs reflect heat back to the sun, keeping your home or place of business generally cool and comfortable. The reduced energy costs go a long way when compared to that of homes and establishments with asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles tend to absorb heat from the sun and circulate it throughout the building, costing owners and tenants alike hundreds of dollars a month on their electric bill.

Unlike metal roofs (that can handle virtually anything that Mother Nature throws at them), shingles have a shorter lifespan. The reason why Shingles have shorter warranties (10-15 years) compared to that of metal roofs (20+ years).

Metal roofs can be easily repaired by removing just the affected panels. Small hail pocks will pop out on a hot Central Texas day when a 24-guage metal roofing panel is used.

When it comes to installing metal roofing, be sure to call a professional because there is an art to the installation that requires skilled, experienced roofers to appoint a quality metal roof. At Austin Roofing and Construction, metal material order times are currently 2 weeks. Installation times vary from 2 days to a couple of weeks depending on the size of the project.
Secure the integrity of your home or business with metal roofs, If you’re currently in the process of building or renovating your property in Central Texas, metal roofs are the top choice.

About Austin Roofing and Construction:
Austin Roofing and Construction are continuously rated the best roofers in Austin Texas providing their customers with a full scope of services for all their roofing, remodeling, and construction needs. Providing Tesla Solar Roofs, Shingles, Metal, TPO, PVC, and Coatings they offer all types of residential and commercial roofing.

The team at Austin Roofing and Construction is composed of three generations of Texas natives who seek to change the construction industry for the better. By relying on input from the entire team, they are able to bring together traditional and modern methods to provide exceptional service for residents in the area. They have a reputation for always completing their roofing and restoration projects on time and on budget while providing a full-service experience, superior customer interaction, and unparalleled workmanship.

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Name: Daisy Martinez
Email: Send Email
Organization: Austin Roofing and Construction
Address: 1301 W Ben White Blvd #200A, Austin, TX 78704