Merlin Cleaning Service Launches New Maid Service Alexandria VA Firm

Falls Church-based Merlin Cleaning Service offers new company services to customers throughout the area. The professional team provides more than a decade of experience in the industry.

Merlin Cleaning Service and Merlin Franco are pleased to announce the launch of the new maid service Alexandria VA company. The menu of services includes cleaning for homes and businesses. The employees are highly professional, background-checked, trained to be detail-oriented and extremely courteous. The cleaning technicians supply all the needed supplies, equipment, and staffing needed to complete the cleaning job in the time and budget resources available. There is no need to waste precious space at home or in the office to store cleaning equipment.

Spaces that are hygienic and clean are more safe and healthier for employees. Business spaces tend to serve as germ magnets, thanks to the people traffic. It is important to keep high traffic spaces as clean as possible. Research has shown that cleaner work spaces make for more productive employees. Clean spaces make people happier, more motivated and relaxed. They also tend to have less illness overall.

Merlin Franco spoke to an interviewer recently, "We have a proven background of success in maintenance and cleaning. With our service, you can avoid the need to train and hire employees, insure them and provide benefits. You can focus on your core business activities. Our services are licensed, bonded and insured, and already proven to do the work right. To make sure you are pleased with a business cleaning, we regularly follow up with a support specialist to make sure your job is being done right. We take this survey process very seriously."

She continues, “We offer our Arlington customers a menu of stand-out services so that you can have free time to do the things you enjoy. For residential customers, we offer the highest level of reliability. We can provide multiple maids to make sure the job is done in the time frame you need. This way we can give you more flexibility with your time and schedule."

Contact Info:
Name: Merlin Franco
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Organization: Merlin Cleaning Service
Address: 5720 Seminary Road #6, Falls Church VA 22041
Phone: (703) 822-51825

Release ID: 238194