Meltzer & Taylor Personal Injury Attorneys Launches a New Website for Better Service

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Clients report finding website easy to navigate and relevant to their needs.

Meltzer & Taylor Personal Injury Attorneys proudly announces the launch of their new website, one designed to make it easier for clients to find the information they want and need. Those injured through the actions of another need assistance immediately as Florida has statutes of limitations for personal injury cases. One cannot afford to waste time on a website searching for information they want and need, and the new website ensures they will not need to do so.

"Florida civil statutes related to personal injury cases differ from those found in many other states, which is why legal advice should be sought immediately. For example, state law prohibits an injured party from suing an insurance company. Only individuals may be sued under current state law, and personal injury claims must be filed within a specific time period. The attorney explains this to the injured party and/or his or her loved ones when meeting for the first time," Erich Taylor, spokesperson for Meltzer & Taylor Personal Injury Attorneys, explains.

The attorneys at Meltzer & Taylor represent victims injured under many circumstances. When one slips and falls in a store due to wet floors lacking proper signage, the attorneys step in to pursue compensation. The same is true for those injured in automobile accidents, individuals attacked by a dog, product liability cases, and more. Any time one is injured as a result of another party, the attorneys are ready to help.

"In addition to physical injuries, many suffer from emotional trauma as a result of the injuries sustained. Medical care remains the top priority at all times, yet one should take steps, whenever possible, to document aspects of the incident. This may be standing water in a store, photos of the dog who attacked, or names of witnesses at the scene. This information helps the attorney assess the merits of the case and prove liability of other parties," Taylor continues.

Never put off seeking medical care in this situation, however. The attorneys understand when one cannot document the scene or an incident, due to their medical injuries or emotional trauma. Others present at the scene can be called on to verify information provided by the injured party or provide information when the injured person cannot do so. The key to success lies in seeking legal representation immediately, when the incident is fresh in the minds of those present.

"Contact Us when you or a loved one has been injured through the actions of another as compensation is deserved for the pain and suffering one endures in this situation. In addition, the injured party needs to be compensated for medical bills, time lost from work, and more. Never try to navigate the legal system alone, especially when injured. Doing so could not only impede recovery, but allow the person responsible for the injuries to get away with paying less than he or she should in compensation. The attorneys at Meltzer & Taylor work to ensure this never happens," Taylor promises.

About Meltzer & Taylor Personal Injury Attorneys:

Meltzer & Taylor Personal Injury Attorneys prioritizes client-focused service, assisting and supporting those injured through the fault of another. The attorneys understand litigation and legal settlements and how they relate to a wide range of personal injury cases, based on current Florida law. In addition, the attorneys work to accommodate clients, meeting at the client's convenience and their location of choice, keeping the focus on the client's recovery at all times, while working to facilitate a thorough, expeditious resolution to the case.

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