MeetToby Releases Survey Findings on How Recruiters can Optimize Cold Emails

Original, effective data has been accumulated by the team and organized in an easy to read infographic teaching recruiters what they can do to optimize cold email leads

MeetToby, a company dedicated to helping recruiters get more responses through cold leads, announces the release of their most current survey. The information gathered during the survey of 500 participants has been evaluated and organized in an easy to read and use infographic entitled “How Recruiters can Get More Email Responses.”

The infographic delves into the information gathered during the survey, displaying it an easy-to-consume manner. Recruiters from all industries will find this information helpful and useful in their efforts to gain more customers and close more leads.

According to Bill Donahue, a representative of MeetToby, “the survey was completed in an effort to meet a demand in this industry that had not been addressed in the past. We had never seen research showing recruiters how to optimize cold emails. We believe the information we have presented to our clients is unique and actionable.”

The survey consisted of asking over 500 participants from many different industries about cold leads and what makes them respond more often, and what type of inquiries they completely ignore. Right now, the entire infographic, as well as several bonus sections are available for download on the MeetToby website. With this information, recruiters can utilize information to close more sales and get more conversions.

“Our survey discovered quite a bit about the outreach process,” continued Donahue. “While some candidates may continue to ignore continued outreach, many are more open to a second attempt at a conversation. We want to show recruiters how to optimize this opportunity, place more candidates and have a more successful career.”

In addition to the recently released infographic, MeetToby provides other information related to email recruiting. The team at MeetToby is dedicated to helping customers improve outreach efficiency, reduce fill time and source more candidates thanks to the information regularly published on the site. Additional information about the latest survey, as well as the other blog information, can be found on the MeetToby website.


MeetToby is a company dedicated to helping recruiters optimize their cold leads. They regularly publish new information about why recruitment emails get deleted and what steps can be taken to rectify this problem. In addition to providing original content and surveys, such as the infographic currently on the site, there are also new blogs published on a regular basis, helping individuals who are responsible for recruiting new leads.

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