Meet the first 100% fair binary options system with the guaranteed token growth

BAEX is a 100% transparent, fair, self-balancing binary options trade platform. In this article you will know what the BAEX self-balancing pool of option liquidity, BAEX token and their features are.

BAEX is a platform that operates as an open-source smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. The source code proves that BAEX is a 100% transparent, fair, self-balancing binary options trading system.

BAEX opens up ample opportunities to trade options, as well as provide liquidity to other traders as a counterparty.

BAEX competitive features:

• Dynamic supply
• 100% storage of collateral on a smart contract
• No free tokens and airdrops
• A constant rise in the price of token issuance
• A constant rise in the token buyback price
• A constant ratio of buyback price to the token issue price
• Fully decentralized token without centralized control and management in any form
• No need for maintenance and spending on infrastructure maintenance
• The system self-stabilizes based on the desired parameters
• Open source code of the smart contracts proves the integrity and fairness of the system.

BAEX self-balancing pool of option liquidity

Purchased tokens can be placed in a self-balancing pool of options liquidity to earn on individual traders' losses. You can withdraw your share from the liquidity pool at any time. The system self-balances to earn 10% of the liquidity pool, and as the SYSTEM's profits grow, the conditions for individual traders (profit margin to the bet) begin to improve.

Equality and fairness

The key principle of fairness in the BAEX system - equal conditions for all users. No privileges for the developers, no free cheese. There is no such thing as free BAEX tokens, so every BAEX holder has paid Ether for it. If someone burns BAEX tokens, it will be a benefit for the other holders.

Guaranteed growth of the BAEX token

The unique algorithmic pricing engine ensures that the issue price and the buyback price cannot decrease. The smart contract calculates the token issue price by multiplying the collateral amount per token by 0.14 and adding the current buyback price.

The token economy is built in such a way that any action when BUYING or BURNING tokens increases the buyback price of the remaining BAEX tokens, and without prejudice to the interests of users who buy or burn tokens.

When new tokens are issued, the amount of Ethereum per token increases as the price of issuing tokens is constantly increasing.

When tokens are burned, and ETH is withdrawn from the collateral pool, a 10% collateral is charged, which remains in the collateral pool and increases the amount of Ethereum accumulated for each BAEX token left and, accordingly, increases the buyback price.

Guaranteed super-liquidity of the BAEX token

The BAEX token is the carrier of liquidity in the BAEX SYSTEM. The smart contract guarantees its super-liquidity: all received Ethereum is stored on the smart contract address, and at any time, ALL tokens can be exchanged for all previously collected ETH. This 100% collateralized system with fully transparent blockchain accounting guarantees token price stability that cannot be lower than the smart contract buyback price.

The supply of tokens is dynamic, the smart contract issues new tokens for Ether (ETH), and when the tokens are sent to the smart contract, it burns them and sends the corresponding share of the Ether (ETH) in return. Thus, ETH is collateral for all existing tokens.

There are no bounty tokens, airdrops, developer pool, so there is no and never will be issued a BAEX token for which Ether has not been paid, and, as a result, there is no danger of a token depreciation when selling such "free" tokens.

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