Meet The Disruptive Entrepreneurs: A New Breed Of Entrepreneurs Taking The World By Storm!

Jaz Lai unveils ‘THE DISRUPTIVE ENTREPRENEURS' gunning to create a never-seen breed of business champions.

Jaz Lai unveils ‘THE DISRUPTIVE ENTREPRENEURS' gunning to create a never-seen breed of business champions.

Singapore City, Republic of Singapore. 27th October 2021 — The Singapore-based leading entrepreneur, Jaz Lai is set to roll out a game-changing program aptly named Disruptive Entrepreneurs in Singapore. Notably distinguished for his business acumen and organizational skills, Jaz Lai today announced his intention to commence a massive onboarding of Entrepreneurs with a view to reorientating them on their path to business excellence.

The development comes on the back of entrepreneurs seeking to have a peek of the methods Jaz Lai employs to set his many impressive milestones in the business sector. The Disruptive Entrepreneurs program comes as big news in a time when Singaporeans are getting too accustomed to the traditional ways of doing business.

An upper-echelon program, Disruptive Entrepreneurs will be a detailed masterclass analyzing every single step to take on the path to the entrepreneurial promise land. Participants can expect premium tutoring and further mentorship that will be continuously provided in the course of the program. The chief organizer’s claim to fame emanates from his entrepreneurship journey of 21 years between which some 10 years ago, he discovered the Disruptive Entrepreneurs Business Model and created 5 successful businesses that generate $50million in revenue. Talk about effectiveness!

“We’re thrilled to onboard the Disruptive Entrepreneurs program in Singapore and the opportunities that abound for Singaporean and Asian Entrepreneurs whether active or prospective, ” said Founder Jaz Lai. “This great move will also help consolidate our top-ranking reach within South-East Asia. We’ve got the right team, and more importantly, the right plans to make this program a resounding success. We are buzzing to get started” he said further.

Participants at the Disruptive Entrepreneurs are guaranteed huge profits and faster sales as they will come to terms with the use of psychological neuroscience in the modeling of their business highly distinctive from traditional entrepreneurship.

Disruptive Entrepreneurs' official debut in Singapore can only bring unprecedented achievements for all stakeholders involved. The launch of this program in Singapore is also expected to boost further entry into more Asian countries and beyond.

About Disruptive Entrepreneurs
Disruptive Entrepreneurs is the brainchild of Jaz Lai, a seasoned entrepreneur with successful chain of businesses across Singapore. He decided to launch Disruptive Entrepreneur as a training program in a bid to uplift the teeming masses of traditional and prospective entrepreneurs in Singapore. He has been into personal consulting for years but has now decided to transform it into a mass program as he is of the view that personal consulting is only one side of a coin which is never enough to make maximum impacts.

Alongside his co-organizers, Jaz Lai is co-working with global partners to utilize the power of technology, creativity, invention, and neuroscience psychology in building an immaculate web of ultra-successful entrepreneurs in Singapore and by extension, Asia.

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