Media Freeware Releases Free To Use MP3 Player For High Quality Playback

Media Freeware is a site dedicated to producing software with unlimited free licenses, and has now published an MP3 player that promises crisp and clean playback for free.

MP3 is the most ubiquitous form of music and audio file now found in the digital world, and there is no shortage of ways to play them on phones, MP3 players designed for the task, and on computers. These players however often require paying for, or will play only certain times of file- many people with iTunes find they have to convert their libraries to .mp4 to listen to them. Media Freeware has released a new free MP3 Player that will allow users to play their MP3 libraries without laborious hours of conversions.

The player is free to download and install directly from the Media Freeware website and comes with an unlimited usage license, meaning users can use it to play as many MP3s as they want and will never be asked to upgrade to a premium service of membership subscription.

The MP3 player takes minutes to install and from there users can set it as their default MP3 player and simply click on any of their music or sound files to play it. From within the player, users can adjust the volume settings and even create playlists for albums or favorite tracks and play them in sequence.

A spokesperson for Media Freeware explained, “The free MP3 player is designed to liberate users for the constant format wrangling of music players converting whole libraries to .ogg, .mp4 or some similar specific and limiting format and allows them to simply play their music files in the superior and unlimited MP3 format right from their desktop. It frees people from needing to decide whose player and what manufacturers’ format and keep things simple, clean and high quality. The player will play MP3s no matter how new or old, with universal format compatibility.”

About Media Freeware:
Media Freeware are dedicated to creating free media software. The free MP3 player offers high quality MP3 playback with customisable volume controls and other features that are important to make the music listening experience fun. With the free MP3 player, users will have a high quality sound system that far outpaces many of the other desktop or software applications. For more information, please visit:

Contact Info:
Name: Rob Stabile
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Organization: Media Freeware
Phone: 212.219.3286

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