Media Freeware Launches Password Manager To Keep Passwords Safe and Recoverable

Media Freeware has created a free program to securely manage passwords and ensure they are accessible to the user without the need to reset them when forgotten.

Passwords are an essential part of modern life and cannot be avoided, especially when hoping to use virtually any product or service online. From Facebook to private email and even credit card accounts, passwords are required, but suffer from the human weakness of being forgotten. Users therefore have a need to securely store their passwords, and have previously taken to unsecure means such as writing them on post-it notes or in memos on their phones. Media Freeware has launched a safe and secure free password manager.

The software can be downloaded directly from the Media Freeware website and can be used to host a potentially unlimited number of passwords. Users simply give the title of the password to be stored, for instance ‘gmail’ or ‘red credit card’, then enter the password for easy recovery.

The password manager goes further also including usernames, and direct links to the login pages, so that as soon as individuals have recovered the information they need they can gain immediate access. It takes minutes to download and install and can even be shared with loved ones or friends, with no online component it secures the information from malicious sites.

A spokesperson for Media Freeware explained, “The work we do is designed to make people’s lives easier without charging them for the privilege. This free password manager aims to do just that, and has everything users need to keep their passwords safe, secure, and readily accessible in case of a lapse of memory or dormant account. The software is economically sized and intuitive to use, and its feature set is one of the most comprehensive of any such software, most of which require payment. There’s no reason not to give it a try.”

About Media Freeware:
Media Freeware create feature rich but lightweight software that does not suck a systems resources. The free password manager is incredibly easy to use even for beginners. Users can manage passwords on their computer with incredible ease and use features no other software that can claim. Users will find the password manager makes their lives easier to organise and their sensitive data easier to access

Contact Info:
Name: Rob Stabile
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Organization: Media Freeware
Phone: 212.219.3286

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