Medha Mind Enhancement Co. (P) Ltd. Opens New Brain Function Training Locations

New Locations allow Medha Mind Enhancement to serve more clients.

Medhamind proudly announces the commencement of a ten day intensive program in Brain Function Training in June. The program takes place in Delhi and NCR, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai, and the company plans to offer it in other locations, based on demand.

"The program benefits those suffering from a wide range of neurological conditions, including children. Conditions treated include epilepsy/seizures, speech disabilities, autism, anxiety and panic disorders, and learning disabilities. Athletes and corporate executives often choose to make use of the training also as an increase in both peak performance objectives and performance enhancement are seen with the use of the program," N S Srinivasan, spokesperson for Medha Mind Enhancement Co. (P) Ltd., declares.

The 10 Day Intensive program for BFT already takes place in Chennai, Ludhiana, Dubai/Abu Dhabi, and Hyderabad. A highly trained and acclaimed brain function analyst, N S Srinivasan founded the program and functions as the chief mentor. Headquartered in Chennai, India, the Medhamind Enhancement facility functions to provide BFT at a reasonable price while offering a technology-based tried-out process using a neurological framework. The company strives to establish a training program, one which meets global standards for BFT, to allow individuals looking for the training easy access to a program.

"The first part of the process involves assessing current brain function to set a baseline for future testing. Training then begins, making use of the NeuroField System followed up with the use of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback devices. The program helps those with asthma and breathing problems, cerebral palsy, stroke, autism, anxiety and panic disorders, stroke, learning disabilities, speech disabilities, ADD/ADHD, mild brain injuries, and epilepsy/seizures," Srinivasan explains.

Each patient receives an individualized treatment plan, one based on the information derived from the assessment. Utilizing a non-invasive technique, Medha works to normalize brain function as this allows the brain to access its self-regulatory capability to make adjustments in various circumstances and situations.

"Some find the ten day intensive program best meets their needs. Others find they need a structured program, one that lasts a longer period of time, years in some cases. The goal of the Medha Mind Enhancement Co. continues to be to provide each patient with the brain function training best for their individual circumstances. The addition of new locations allows more to be served using this revolutionary technique," Srinivasan states.

About Medha Mind Enhancement Co. (P) Ltd.:
Medha Mind Enhancement Co. (P) Ltd. offers customized non-invasive scientific treatment for those suffering from various neurological conditions. Those of any age benefit from this treatment, including children, and brain function training effectively helps those suffering from ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety and panic disorders, speech disabilities, autism, and epilepsy/seizures, along with many others. Many corporate executives and athletes use the training to achieve performance enhancement along with peak performance objectives.

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