MDSolutions, Inc. Publishes Information Concerning Upcoming MUTCD Deadlines

Companies exempt from original January 2012 deadline now find they must comply with the new standards when it comes to retro-reflectivity, reports

January 22, 2015 remains a critical date for those involved in the installation of uniform traffic control devices. Street signs originally exempt from the new requirements established by the Federal Highway Adminstration's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices must be in compliance, including regulatory, ground mounted guide signs, and warning signs. Companies needing assistance in this area often turn to MD Signs for the items they need to satisfy the updated standards.

"The new standards work to improve visibility for night time drivers, as the majority of fatal traffic accidents take place at night. In addition, the new retro-reflectivity requirements improve the visibility of signs during inclement weather and also make them more visible to those drivers who are older. Studies show drivers 65 years of age and older need four times the amount of light needed by a 25 year old to read a sign at night," Elizabeth Richards, spokesperson for MDSolutions, Inc, explains.

To ensure street signs meet retro-reflectivity requirements, traffic signs manufacturers use prismatic reflectors and small glass beads to reflect light from the headlights of a vehicle to the eyes of a driver. When this process occurs, the sign becomes more visible to the driver. The sign only becomes more visible, however, when all elements are present: the light source from the headlights of the vehicle, the receptor or eyes of the driver, and the sign making use of this technology.

Companies find they may choose between various types of sheeting for traffic signs. Engineer grade sheeting appears most commonly on parking and handicap signs, while high intensity sheeting remains the minimum required under the new standards for traffic signs. Diamond grade sheet continues to be the preferred choice of many, as it offers an average life span of ten years or longer and offers ten times the reflection of engineer grade sheeting, Richards continues.

In addition to reflective sheeting, MDSolutions, Inc. offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of clients. Whether one plans to replace a single sign post or wishes to replace all nuts and bolts on street name signs with brackets, the company supplies the products needed. Visitors to the site find they have information concerning federal regulations right on the site, so they can learn what they need to purchase and place an order immediately.

"Turn to MDSolutions, Inc. for any signage questions, including those regarding compliance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Time tends to be in short supply for business owners, and the staff at MDSolutions understands this. They work to help clients find the items they want and need quickly, so the client can move on to the next project without delay. Clients deserve nothing less," Richards declares.

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