MBJ Consulting Enters IT Market and Expands Startup Service

Company continues ambitious growth despite recession.

Within two years of launching in the capital, London-based MBJ Consulting Network and Solutions, one of the fastest growing businesses in consulting, have entered the competitive IT solutions market as the company continues it's growth trend despite the recession. Julian Marquardt-Baladurage and Toni Horn, two ambitious young entrepreneurs who founded the London based consulting firm have now added MBJ IT Solutions to their services package for clients. MBJ IT Solutions will be led by Roger Savage, a London based industry expert.

Mr Savage has built a reputation for being one of the leading Producers of digital products in the industry, creating cutting edge technology solutions for international clients ranging from recipe management systems for celebrity chefs to global lifestyle directories. MBJ IT Solutions will leverage Mr. Savage’s expertise and focus on the competitive, but lucrative mobile and web solutions market. The marketing and operations of the new venture will be led by Sagar Sarkar, a London based marketing and communications consultant with more than 15 years of industry experience, working with some of the leading financial services businesses in the capital. Mr. Sarkar was formerly in charge of corporate communications at Morgan Stanley India, the Indian branch of one of the world’s leading banks. It is this eye for spotting talent that has seen the vision of MBJ’s founders succeed and turn the company into a growth story, a trend they believe will continue over the next years.

Mr Marquardt-Baladurage, one of the founders of MBJ Consulting Network and Solutions, and now MBJ IT Solutions, says, “Our aim is not to grow at an unsustainable pace, but to maintain and increase our current quality and operational standards. Hiring Mr Savage and Mr Sarkar is a step in the right direction for us, as both are outstanding within their individual disciplines and can deliver the right results for the company. Within MBJ we know that amazing synergies can be created, and we are confident that 2014 will be our most fruitful and positive year yet.”

The company’s turnover almost doubled during the current financial year, and it was only a matter of time before expansion was on the cards. The SME-focused consultancy business model they have crafted has been an unparalleled success, and the composition of diverse skills offered by the team of experts running the service gives businesses access to proven expertise across a number of business units. The company now boasts a substantial footing across multiple industries including; media and marketing, strategy and operation, financial planning and sustainability.

As well as the new IT solutions sector, MBJ are focusing on expanding their support for startups, offering a well-rounded approach to ensure that fledgling businesses can access the consultancy assistance that they need. They will be providing everything from essential accounting and legal advice to tailored website and mobile application packages, to give a startup everything they need to get off the ground. MBJ have already managed to kickstart numerous startups, not only in the UK, but also in Germany, Switzerland and the USA, demonstrating the efficacy of this added service.

To find out more about MBJ Consulting Network, please visit mbjconsultancy.com

About MBJ Consulting Network and Solutions

The MBJ-Consulting Network was founded in 2011 by visionary young entrepreneurs Julian Marquardt-Baladurage and Toni Horn. The company is one of the fastest growing consulting companies in London and focuses on providing consultancy services to the SME sector across a number of verticals. In addition to its own consultants, the company operates in collaboration with a wide network of industry experts, with clients benefiting from the combination of the immense experience, knowledge and creativity of the entire organisation. MBJ Consulting services clients across a number of industry verticals and is also focusing on expanding its services to other nations, with particular focus on emerging markets.

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