May Photocopy Khanh Nguyen Helps Companies To Radically Cut The Operating Cost Of Photocopy Machine By Leasing Them

May Photocopy Khanh Nguyen is offering photocopy machine renting and repairing services which have helped companies a great deal

May Photocopy Khanh Nguyen has made the leasing of photocopier a mainstream service. More and more companies are now showing reluctance in purchasing the machine because it takes a lot of work to repair and maintain them when things go wrong. Khanh Nguyen has taken the cue and introduced the service of renting the photocopy machines where the companies can rent one depending upon their preference. The advantage of this service is that the companies do not need to make a huge investment in the asset. If it malfunctions, they can immediately have it replaced or fixed without having to go through the trouble themselves.

There are options for the companies to choose from, so they can go with the model that they think would best fit into their office space and offer the best service. As for the companies that do not know which model they should go for, Khanh Nguyen offers the latest models so that they can enjoy the benefits of the most advanced technologies.

The service of the machines is standard to outstanding, with an average copy speed of 23 to 85 copies per minute. If the company requires additional features such as fax, scan, print can also be incorporated at a constant price.

The owner of the photocopier renting service commented, “This way the companies do not have to worry about any damage caused to the machine, the wear and tear. Monthly and quarterly copying costs for the year can be estimated. The company would not need to worry about the increase in the price of the photocopier ink because their rents would remain constant. No need to pay their staff for the maintenance of the machine, and there is no requirement for huge capital investment. The renting service ensures that companies can benefit in all possible ways.”

An employee of the company added to the statement saying, “We not only rent out photocopy machines but we also repair them. When the machines malfunction, the companies can reach out to us and expect immediate assistance.”
Khanh Nguyen is making quite an impression in the industry with their service.

About the Company
May Photocopy Khanh Nguyen is a professional machine repair service in Ho Chi Minh City, with the skills of a trained technical team. In addition to renting and repairing machines in big cities, the company also accepts repair orders in provinces and cities adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, with many agents representing the company located in different provinces.


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