Maurice Leibinn, Business Productivity Coach, Predicts That Productivity in Businesses Could Fall in 2019

More and more businesses struggle with their productivity at work. That problem might spread if people don't see the root cause and take the required steps to solve it, says Maurice Leibinn.

Many businesses struggle with productivity at work. Maurice Leibinn, founder of and business productivity coach, believes that this trend is part of a much bigger problem and could spread even farther in the coming years – if people don’t take the right countermeasures.

“The business world is becoming faster and faster, as well as more cluttered and distracting than ever before. That’s why people can’t deal with all this information effectively anymore and their productivity falls”, stated Maurice Leibinn.

According to the New York Times, every day, people had to process three times as much information in 2008 as in the 1960s. And the more connected and technically enhanced people get, the more information they have to process every day. Nowadays, the average knowledge worker does only 3 minutes of work on a single task before switching focus.

This is a big threat to workplace productivity – a study from the University of California shows that every time focus shifts, it takes a person 23 minutes and 15 seconds on average, to re-focus on the task at hand. That leads to stress, fatigue and a loss in results produced.

However, according to Maurice Leibinn, this problem can be solved.

“People need to grab the problem by the root in order to solve it. In my Coaching, I help people avoid distractions as good as possible as well as training them to stay on task and exercising their natural ability to focus. These are things that are needed to be and to stay productive in today’s distracted world.”

Staying focused can be trained – neuroscientists agree that focus is like a muscle: it can be exhausted but it can also be made stronger.

As the digital distractions and productivity leaks increase every day, most people’s focus muscle is quickly exhausted, leaving them unproductive and stressed.

That’s the reason that especially focus enhancement is becoming more and more important for business people nowadays.

“And that’s why productivity could keep falling if people do not take the right action and let their focus muscle be trained – so they can deal with all the information”, says Maurice Leibinn.

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