Mattress Technology and Sleep Science Is Changing The Way How People Sleep

People sleep for an average 1/3rd of their lifetimes. However, its importance cannot be denied, because proper sleep helps in promoting overall health and wellbeing.

Many surveys confirm that more than 70% of people lack sound sleep. Not surpassingly, sleep-deprived people are struggling with health issues.

More and more people are now becoming aware of correlation between sleep and health, and how it affects their energy levels. At the same time, mattress manufacturers are competing with each other to improve the mattress technology. Also, a wide range of sleep aids are being introduced to help people resolve their sleep disorders.

Advanced technology mattresses come with features that include proper spine and neck support, pressure alleviation, and muscle relaxation. Many people have been able to enhance their sleep quality to achieve maximum rest and recovery.

Newsweek Media website has reviewed some of the most advanced and best mattress technology trends. It can help people determine the right kind of mattress to choose for their specific needs. In the 1900s, modern mattress technology development started gaining speed, when the coil mattresses were first launched. Since then, there have been multiple innovative changes and improvements in mattress manufacturing.

How mattress technology and sleep science is changing people’s sleeping habits?

Adjustable beds
Adjustable beds are getting popular, as they can adapt to different sleeping positions according to individual preferences. In the past, adjustable beds were used only in the hospitals for treatments and for helping the recovery process of patients.

New technology adjustable beds are available with remote control, which helps sleepers make adjustments even while lying down. It is a great alternative for sleepers with mobility imitations.

Copper infusion
A copper-infused mattress might sound a bit strange, but it does benefit the sleepers. Many mattresses are not designed for airflow and body heat regulation. With a copper-infused layer, the heat gets transferred with ease, and body temperature gets regulated. Hot sleepers can take proper rest and sleep like a baby. It is an ideal alternative to offset sleep sweats.

Copper has natural properties like antibacterial, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic. Thus the mattress stays clean and hygienic for years.

Light & heating
Some adults get up at night to visit the washroom or to enjoy a midnight snack. Therefore mattresses were incorporated with illumination technology. The light sensors offer illumination under-the-bed, so you reach the bathroom door safely.

Heating is also the latest addition to mattress technology. Heat gets generated in the foot and several other body parts. Bad blood circulation and cold feet creates discomfort and sleep disorder. Mattress with heating technology is an expensive choice, yet a great alternative!

Adjustable firmness
In the past, sleepers used to stick for years with a mattress, because they get used to a specific firmness. The new air mattress model features firmness adjustability. Sleepers can inflate or deflate the mattress using an integrated pump and customize the firmness to suit their needs. They can use several technologies like remote control, sensors, or mobile app to activate the pump for adjusting the mattress firmness.

From advancement in mattress technologies to smart sleep gadgets and mobile apps, bedrooms are all set to get modernized in the coming years!

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