Matrix Connexion Launches Updated Google Apps For Improved Business Solutions

Matrix Connexion provides unique cloud solutions and optimum security with new updated apps.

Statistics indicate there are currently approximately 4 million companies worldwide using Google Apps for business. When surveyed, the majority of owners of these businesses stated they chose Google Apps due to the greater versatility and security they offered over the other leading competitors. In an effort to further the growth of current users and to accommodate other businesses seeking to become users of these apps, Matrix Connexion has launched their recently updated line of apps with improved features.

A spokesperson for Matrix Connexion explained, "Security is our top priority, and our most recent Google Apps include dozens of critical security features designed to keep our clients' data safe and secure. Their data is their personal property; therefore, we want to afford them complete control of how they share it and who they share it with. Our network provides maximum security and constant reliable data access. Our cloud ensures all work is automatically saved. Additionally, our clients will have constant access to their email, calendar, documents and websites. They may work securely and efficiently with all employees connected from anywhere in the world, on any device."

Matrix Connexion's representative continued, "Our Apps help teams work faster and more effectively, making it easier for employees, partners, vendors and everyone involved. Our clients can edit and share files, documents, spreadsheets, presentations and much more without wasting time and energy. With our Cloud Solutions, the entire team has instant, real time access to the latest update of any file. Invoicing, budgeting, scheduling and other day to day tasks are more streamlined through the use of our Google Apps, giving our clients the freedom to spend more time working on the subjects that really matter. Our IT infrastructure ensures all our clients and their employees have access to new features and security updates as soon as they are available. We have made all this available to the pubic for only $5 per user, per month. Potential clients are welcome to visit our website,, for a free, 30 day trial."

Aside from the convenience, versatility and security features associated with Matrix Connexion's services, Google Apps have been proven to reduce energy expenses and the impact users have on the environment. Powered by the most energy efficient data centers, Google Apps saves up to 80 times more energy than the competition; furthermore, video chat and shared document features eliminate the need for office supplies and travel expenses.

About Matrix Connexion:
Matrix Connexion takes pride in being pioneers in providing businesses with innovative cloud computing solutions. They realize each company is unique with its own set of requirements and their goal is to provide customized Cloud Solutions for each of their clients. They strive to build lasting relationships with each of their clients through superior service and cutting edge technology.

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