Matkasse Launches Its Online Groceries Store in Sweden With Door to Door Delivery

Allt om Matkassar is a Swedish based firm and website which reviews providers and services that offer the ability to order groceries online. The growing number of services are rated and the latest news shared about the topic.

Matkasse or Matkassar in plural is the name for the service which allows consumers to order groceries online. The website is “Everything about Matkassar” in Swedish, or Allt om Matkassar. More and more Swedes are using a service where weekly groceries are delivered to the door of the customer with a receipt for the entire week. The service originally was launched in Sweden in 2007, but over the last year, there have been an increasing number of new providers.

The ordering is done in terms of “bags” of groceries. Each contains the ingredients for a specific number of meals. There are vegetarian and organic choices as well as standard fare. The produce comes from local suppliers with every effort made to protect the environment in planting, growing and harvesting. Each of the bags come with recipes that make it easy to prepare the meals. Some of the suppliers offer breakfast bags in addition to the regular bags.

The ordering process is simple. The customer looks for a company which delivers to the location of the customer. Most suppliers will deliver to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo, but larger firms deliver throughout the country. Once the delivery availability is confirmed, registration on the company's website and the specific bag of groceries is ordered. The payment is selected and the bag of groceries is delivered early in the following week.

Ordering bags of groceries is usually somewhat more costly than would be spent by buying directly, but there are savings in time spent in shopping for multiple food items. The included recipes make planning easy and convenient. There are some savings because food waste is reduced. There is no need to purchase a large container of a spice when only a teaspoon is needed for the recipe. Food preparation time is reduced, since the ingredients and recipes are all available, along with the pictured instructions to do the last steps in preparation

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