Mastery Coach Cliff Roperez of the Dr. C Radio-Show Continues to Garner Reviews for His Skill-Building Clinic

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Radio show host and mastery coach, Dr. C, receives accolades for his works with Skill Clinic, as he helps people to lead a happy, successful life, filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Dr. C - Cliff Roperez has taken his pursuit of helping as many people as possible in different parts of the globe to live a meaningful, multi-skilled career with the Skill Clinic. The transformational coach and author have demonstrated his passion for impacting lives, using all available resources to deliver thought-provoking messages to his target audience.

"If you have skin issues, or want to improve your skin, you go to a Skin Clinic. Now, if you have issues with your teeth or gums you go to a Dental Clinic. So, if you want to improve or develop a new skill, you go to SKILL CLINIC," said Cliff Roperez in Dr. C Radio Show’s eleventh (11th) episode.

Millions of people across the globe go through different situations that take a toll on their well-being. Unfortunately, many of the available solutions fail to address such issues holistically, which is where Dr. C is looking to make a difference with the Skill Clinic.

The Silicon Valley-based Dr. C will cover different subjects, as he seeks to help people improve their competence in managing their health, wealth, relationships, and career to lead a more fulfilled life. The clinic provides students with free as well as premium courses while allowing interested persons to become instructors, enabling them to share their wealth of experience and knowledge with the world.

In his role as a mastery coach, Dr. C - Cliff Roperez helps people to get rid of habits that keep pulling them down and hindering them from reaching their full potentials. "When you're feeling lost or letting fear hold you back; thinking you are not good enough; developing self-destructive habits; wanting to be more decisive, or facing a major challenge, You may need a MASTERY COACH,” he said.

Dr. C is the main host of his radio show is also a transformational coach with clients across the world, including the US, Canada, and some countries in South East Asia. He is an author of 5 books on leadership and success, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and Director for leadership and development. The registered social worker and California Licensed nurse have an MBA and a Doctor's Degree in Business Administration for Leadership and Global Business earned from California Intercontinental University.

As an author, Dr. C wrote Get out of your sh*tty drama, Burn your boats, Small, successful habits, The Fundamentals, and Stress-positive. He conducted Burn your boats live seminar workshop around California and Canada area, and now reaches international audiences via online and in-person courses. Recently, he conducted stress-management learning sessions in front of around 1,000 High School teachers and Principals in the Philippines.

For more information about Dr. C and how he is impacting lives worldwide through Skill Clinic and Mastery Coach, please visit – The author and world-renowned mastery coach can also be found on LinkedIn and YouTube. Get in touch with Dr. C at +14242503978, or email

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