Mastering Mindsets With Christina Blunsum

Christina Blunsum is taking over the world with her acting, online business and E book. This woman is the epitome of success and is now teaching people how to create their own success

A couple of years ago Blunsum was given an opportunity, a job that came up in Dubai. Having lived in Liverpool her entire life and not knowing much about the rest of the world she decided to take life into her own hands and go for it in hope to discover her life purpose. But like most things in life, once she got there, it didn’t work out and Blunsum became a waitress working ridiculous hours. It was tough for her but she started to work on her mindset because she wanted to change her life. This was when she wrote her E- book – Mastering Your Mindset. In this E book, people can learn how to master their own mindset just like Blunsum did and to use those techniques to push forward and become successful.

Once she had mastered her own mindset, she quit her day job and started working for herself from acting, commercials, presenting shows, business conferences, and helping people launch their online business. One thing that always stuck with Blunsum was when David Johnson told her that her only problem is that she doesn’t believe in herself. She let that ring in her mind until she expressed her purpose and passion in her new independent film “Power Within” with Salma Azzam which is launching in 2018. She also has other very exciting and big roles lined up for 2018 which she will dominate. She snagged the title of lead role and only British actress in a film that was released in 2017 in Dubai.

Not only is she a talented actress and author but also a successful business woman. Blunsum works with campaigns such as HSBCs “supporting human ambition” campaign. Her new self-belief program for actors, using neuro-linguistic programming and positive psychology which is an amazing course that gives the formula to develop belief in oneself. Blunsum has traveled and worked with children at 25 different schools in the UAE speaking about healthy eating. Blunsum is a true example of a woman who is not only successful but also gives back.

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