Master Transformational Coach, Jessica Fox Becomes a #1 International Bestselling Author with “Yes I Can!”

With her new book anthology titled “Yes I Can” flying off the shelf since its official release, Jessica Fox has seen her stock rise tremendously.

The author’s talent and hard work have been crowned by Amazon after she earned the #1 International Bestselling label. The book hits #1 in Amazon US, UK, Canada and Australia within 48 hours of launch.

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“Yes I Can” is more than just a page turner, the masterpiece tackles real-life problems about ambitions and life goals. So far, the book has earned tons of positive reviews both from established entrepreneurs and aspirants. Certain readers were astonished at the sheer amount of entrepreneurial tips and hacks that were embedded in “Yes I Can”. With inspiring stories and strategies from 15 different entrepreneurs, “Yes I Can” is widely regarded as the most complete guide to success.

The book’s subtitle explains implicitly Jessica Fox’s intention with “Yes I Can”. The subtitle reads, “15 Mindset Secrets of Inspiring Entrepreneurs Around The World. Coupled with a stellar reputation as a Master Transformational Coach, Jessica Fox totally knocks “Yes I Can” out of the park.

When she’s not writing international bestsellers, Jessica Fox is out mentoring entrepreneurs towards success. Recently, she helped a single mother of 2 ease out of her 9 to 5 job into a steady 6-figure business. It is all the more impressive to learn that this was achieved despite the dreary emergence of the coronavirus. During Jessica’s mentorship sessions with the single mother in question, they managed to uncover the “mogul” in her while preparing her mentally and physically for entrepreneurship.

In a bid to alleviate the strain on mothers all around the globe, Jessica Fox has tailored her services to work-at-home and stay-home moms who simply want more. She helps them to maximize their time, build a solid foundation in entrepreneurship and action planning. With Jessica’s signature 4M Foundations Framework, more women can dare to dream of a financially stable future for themselves and their families.

“Yes I Can” by Jessica Fox is available on and Jessica’s website. For more information about Jessica’s services and books, use Jessica’s website -

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