Massive Phobia Launches to Help Visitors Laugh in the Face of Fear

New site is dedicated to helping visitors use humor to manage phobias, anxiety, addiction, and other life issues, Massive Phobia reports

Sometimes the best way to manage a Phobia or other psychological challenge is to find ways to lighten the mood. Dedicated to helping visitors tackle their own mental health and addiction issues in a new, effective way, Massive Phobia has launched with many original features.

From original art and mood-lifting humor to news updates with a unique perspective, Massive Phobia is committed to helping visitors laugh in the face of fear and other difficult feelings. With a wealth of features already available, including a Phobia List which is attracting attention from all over, Massive Phobia will be updated on a regular basis.

"We're happy to report that Massive Phobia is now serving visitors and already filled with fun, humorous content," said website representative Edward Ernest. "We started this site because, like so many others, we suffer from phobias ourselves and have long sought better ways of managing them. Humor can be an extremely powerful tool, and it has a way of penetrating the darkness that anxiety and other negative emotions can summon. The initial response to the new site has been tremendously positive and enthusiastic, and we're happy to report that we've got many great features and updates already planned for the future."

The fourth edition of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders reports that about one in five people can expect to grapple with a phobia at some point in life. With almost one in ten Americans suffering from chronic, extreme specific fears, the existence of a phobia correlates strongly with susceptibility to depression.

While there are many ways to address mental health issues like these and others, humor frequently turns out to be an integral part of an effective strategy. As a 2009 review of the literature by University of Haifa researcher Marc Gelkopf noted, for example, recent years have "seen the growing application of humor and laughter interventions… in psychotherapy frameworks."

Massive Phobia was founded with the unique mission of helping visitors use humor to address their own mental health challenges and gain the confidence needed to take steps toward getting better. With many features like the new site's comprehensive List of Phobias already available, visitors can count on plenty of updates in the future.

About Massive Phobia:

Helping visitors laugh in the face of fear and other negative feelings, Massive Phobia offers original art, fresh humor, and news updates that empower and uplift those who suffer from phobias, addiction, depression and other issues.

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