Massage in Calgary Creates Packages for Sports Massage Needs

L&G Sports and Therapeutic Massage Focuses on Athletes Training for Events

L&G Sports and Therapeutic Massage is pleased to announce the offerings of pre-event, inter-event, and post-event massage for athletes. For those looking to get the most out of their body when participating in sports, it's essential to balance the work in the gym with care and maintenance. Muscles that are being trained to get bigger and stronger can benefit massively from a sports massage to help ensure proper circulation, alignment, and may even increase the range of motion.

Sports massage at L&G Sports and Therapeutic Massage can be applied to any level of athleticism and types of exercise. Our massage techniques will help areas of the body that may be experiencing the most stress or repetitive movements. Stress on joints and muscles can lead to tension, limiting the range of motion, or overextended. With the right massage, these muscles involved in sports can get healed, relaxed, decrease the amount of soreness experienced later on.

Our massage in Calgary can help open microcirculation, reduce swelling on muscles, moving soft tissue, and ensuring the flow of fluids into the lymph system. The benefits of sports massage have been gaining traction over the last decade or so as professional athletes from all manners of backgrounds benefit from the therapeutic effects.

Massage generally seems to appear as a luxury, and while it can be really relaxing it’s also great to stretch muscles to keep vessels open. Keeping your body healthy often includes ensuring that your body can remove and filter liquids appropriately. A good massage will also improve circulation, meaning that more substantial amounts of oxygen and essential nutrients can get carried to the right places. Tight muscles and constricted vessels will hinder a muscle’s ability to repair and maintain itself. During a massage, our practitioner will help push down on those muscles and vessels, pushing blood and liquids throughout the body and help promote the healthy flow of blood as well as proper drainage.

When we use out techniques on muscles that are in constant use, we are ensuring they get proper circulation, that no stagnation occurs, and stretched muscles. This stretching that happens in massage allows for muscles to get moved around in ways that wouldn’t typically occur during the day. It will enable massage therapists to target specific areas, separating fibers that need attention to get to connective tissue that needs the most care.

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