Marketing Technologies that will Disrupt Business in 2018

From cross channel campaigns to use of AI and machine learning in content, these disruptive MarTech will begin driving how business gets done at forward-thinking organizations this year.

Marketing Technology will be a major disruption for businesses in 2018. Companies looking to increase revenue and keep the cost of marketing low must be able to fully utilize marketing technologies to improve on existing models. As the business landscape is continually changing, business leaders must monitor these technologies and determine how best to adopt them. A failure to do so will lead to a loss of business and revenue. by Salesforce is the unified marketing platform to know consumers, engage them, and personalize their experience across channels including email, push notification, text, web, and social. It allows companies to talk to customers individually and create that 1-to-1 relationship in a cross-channel environment

"By switching to this program, I helped a business achieve $100K in savings. Furthermore, they witnessed massive revenue gains as a result of their email marketing campaigns becoming more powerful," Rakesh Nautiyal, an e-commerce, digital marketing and Email Marketing professional, reports., an inbox monitoring and certification tool, provides information about inbox placement. This critical metric provides information on the percentage of sent email that actually makes it to the desired recipient's inbox. The new tool helps businesses find data solutions that truly work for them with regard to this problem and many others.

"With the help of this program, I have succeeded in ensuring 100 percent deliverability of two of my employers' emails and 95 percent inbox placement of the emails. This is of great importance in terms of creating effective email marketing campaign" Nautiyal announces. assists companies with retention marketing. Companies recognize it is easier and less costly to retain an existing customer than to draw in a new one. However, doing so has become harder in the past few years thanks to increased competition in the marketplace. With the help of this software, businesses find they are able to boost loyalty, retain customers, and increase their income in the process.

"With the use of the retaining marketing platform, a business finds they can amass information on the purchase history of consumers and identify customer segments. The software helps the company display the appropriate message to a specific consumer at any given time. The program helps companies distinguish themselves from the competitors, boosts word-of-mouth-referrals, engages consumers and encourages feedback, and produces loyal customers," Nautiyal states. will change the way marketers interact with customers this year, doing so by introducing continuity to a buyer's journey. "I find the Inbox Retargeting solution rather tempting as we exceeded our ROI projections with this. Furthermore, I was able to achieve this goal with the use of The Marketing Language Cloud - AI generated language that resonates the most with any audience, segment or individual. If you love testing Subject-lines, then this is one innovative tool you can't afford to miss," Nautiyal continues.

Marketers need to make certain they are aware of emerging technologies and how they may be of benefit to gain an edge over the competition.

"Employers and vendor partners have praised and recognized my outstanding capabilities in e-commerce and digital marketing. New technology is fascinating as it changes the way the business world works. I continue to follow the industry to ensure nothing is overlooked in my daily operations, as my employer deserve nothing less," Nautiyal announces.

Change is difficult but rewarding if managed properly.

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