Marketing Americas Releases Genucel Reviews

Genucel Eye Cream Review descriptions have been posted by Marketing Americas Inc. The Panama-based product has recently been the subject of multiple anti-aging eye cream commercials on television.

Marketing Americas and Melisa Garcia are pleased to announce that they have completed and posted a review of Genucel Eye Cream. The product is manufactured by Chamonix and is attracting attention, thanks to the active television marketing campaign. The attention generated by the advertising has made it a priority to determine whether it is a product which lives up the claims made on its behalf.

According to the Genucel reviews, the product is an eye cream designed to address under-eye bags and puffiness. The product doesn't claim to target wrinkles. There are no ingredients listed which will alleviate crow's feet or fine lines around the eyes. These imperfections can add years to the appearance. In order to reduce these lines, additional products would be required. Television commercials for the product claim that it is the celebrity solution for aging eyes. In order to ensure that Genucel addresses the issues of crows' feet and fine wrinkles around the eyes. The correct reliable and tested ingredients must be present in the formulation.

The main ingredient in the cream is PhytocellTec, a brand name plant-based stem cell ingredient. The cells come from an apple which is native to Switzerland. The cells adopt the properties of the skin, which speeds the process of regeneration. Under-eye bags, puffiness, and the dermal layer will be reduced so that the eyes look younger. However PhytocellTec is not a new discovery, it has been in use in multiple eye creams for at least a decade.

For anyone who is considering the purchase of an eye cream, a thorough examination of the ingredients should be done. Finding ones that include PhytocellTec is not difficult, there are many available in the marketplace. Since Genucel is a new product, there are limited buyer reviews available. Checking the fine print on the product site is recommended for any creams designed to improve the appearance of the eye area.

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